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LS First covers your whole business, giving you 360-degree visibility and control over your operations. Manage your inventory levels and productions processes centrally, in real time. Set menus, recipes, deals, prices, POS terminals and kitchen system from HQ, and send changes instantly to all locations.


Achieve centralized control of your chain

Manage your restaurant operation, including POS terminals, kitchen system, staff and inventory from headquarters. Remove duplicate work: change the ingredients in a dish, modify prices, add a new offer or special just once, from back office. The system transmits the changes across the whole organization instantly and automatically.

  • Set up menus, recipes, and meal deals.
  • Update prices, and set different prices and taxes depending on delivery mode, with the possibility to add service charges.
  • Create new promotions, discounts, specials and offers.
  • Change the POS interface: modify colors and buttons, and update the look in a tap.
  • Update prices or offers across your enterprise, or in only some of your locations or brands.

Perfect recipe and menu management

Recipes clarify ingredients and quantities in each dish, ensuring a consistent dining experience every time, in all your restaurants.

  • Store recipes centrally, and edit them for seasonality, or cost effectiveness.
  • Add modifiers, and let customers personalize their order with their favorite extras and sides.
  • Track costs of your dishes, determine appropriate pricing and create a menu that drives returns.
  • Edit recipes to optimize ingredient usage and minimize waste.
  • Comply to food labeling requirements. Have always up-to-date ingredient and allergen information for each dish, on all touchpoints.
  • Need to sub an ingredient that’s out of season? Update the recipe centrally: the change will be sent to all your restaurants’ kitchens, and to all touchpoints, so guests can track what’s in their order.

Manage your workforce

Organize your labor force efficiently, save time and reduce costs.

  • Empower employees by giving them the tools they need to perform their tasks.
  • Manage recruitment and selection processes.
  • Simplify staff training and certifications.
  • Plan shifts, optimize rosters and communicate them clearly with employees.
  • Track employee performance and minimize costs.

Get a holistic view of waste & inventory processes

Achieve production efficiency. Use your stock optimally, minimize shrinkage and waste, and preserve your profit margins.

  • Optimize supply and distribution planning: order the right amount of ingredients based on consumer demand and capacity constraints.
  • Track inventory transactions, production costs, and recipe ingredients, and route consumption.
  • With real-time visibility, you can ensure you produce appropriate and timely amounts.
  • Adjust and move your stock when and as needed.
  • Get better control with tools like Master Planning, Procurement and Product Information Management.
  • Automate and streamline production scheduling and resource allocation in the warehouses and restaurants.

Efficiently manage your franchise operations

Control and grow your multi-company and franchise operations, national and international. Run your franchise restaurants as one enterprise or as separate companies – you decide.

  • Share data and configurations across companies to reduce overhead cost and time to implementation.
  • Ensure that branding, standard of service and quality of dishes are consistent throughout your chain.
  • Design a master POS interface once, and deploy it to all locations with a tap.
  • Manage companies separately for items that must remain unique, like fixed assets. 
  • Apply advanced analytics to spot underperforming units, and take action.

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