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Self-checkout technology to help you deliver faster, better service at your retail store

Make it easier for your customers to complete their purchases, reduce long queues, and eliminate manual work with a powerful self-service software  

Self-service checkout solutions are ideal for:

Stores with 10 to 250+ software users
Retailers with limited floor space
Supermarkets, c-stores, DIY stores
Department stores, food courts, cafeterias

Simplify operations and say goodbye to long lines and slow service that drive customers away

Whether you run a grocery, convenience store, homeware, fashion, or any other type of retail shop, it's crucial to offer seamless checkout experiences that meet customer expectations for speed and convenience.

With self-checkout for LS Central, you can add self-service capabilities to your retail store without the need for complex integrations. The software works directly with LS Central, so you can manage your entire business from one central database.  Adjust prices and offers with ease, and watch as updates propagate instantly across all touchpoints, including self-checkout registers and kiosks. Keep your information consistent and up-to-date hassle-free.

No need to worry about hardware compatibility either. LS Central's self-checkout solution comes with pre-set integrations that work seamlessly with a range of hardware options. Choose the setup that suits your business best while maintaining a uniform shopping experience throughout your store.

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Elevate your checkout experience and transform the way you serve your customers

Enhance the checkout experience

Enhance the checkout experience

Maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction in one seamless software solution. Offer flexible checkout experiences, maintain data consistency with POS and ERP, and explore mobile self-scanning capabilities. 

  • Use a mix of traditional and self-checkout registers to give customers their preferred checkout experience – no matter how you decide to mix and match, the software stays the same for all your touchpoints. 
  • Offer a customer-facing checkout that’s easy to use and intuitive. Connect it with your hardware provider or with LS Central and give customers the same view as a cashier would have when they checkout – it’s that simple.
  • Connect your self-checkout directly with your POS and keep your information consistent within LS Central. Decide how many checkout points you want or choose to include mobile self-scanning like ScanPayGo into the mix.

Keep information consistent

Ensure consistency across all touchpoints, including self-checkout, with one unified retail software database. Gain accurate data, streamline operations, manage inventory effectively, make informed decisions, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

  • Store all your information in one database and manage updates and changes to your items, prices, and promotions centrally. No need for any manual work, the software will automatically apply changes you make to your business across all your channels, including the self-checkout.
  • Maintain your data automatically without the need for complex integrations. You can see what quantities of items you have in your inventory and make updates. Need to record broken items? Easily change the number of available items in the system and send updates across all your touchpoints.
  • Store all your sales/purchasing information in one place without needing to align different pieces of data. LS Central works with various types of hardware, whether you want a simple kiosk or a register with a scale or bagging area – you decide what works best.  

What our customers say about our software solutions

B2 Outlet Stores

Using LS Central has allowed us to bring our accounting and inventory management into one system. Streamlining these processes has helped provide more information which is leading to better business decisions.

Mike Heyboer Director of IT Infrastructure
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Mendola Pro Srl

LS Retail software turned out to be the best retail add-on for the ERP solution we are already using (Microsoft Dynamics ERP) for most of our operations, including warehouse, acquisitions, database, accounting.

Agnes Gundisch Executive Director
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With everything automatically flowing into the accounts in the background, LS Central, with its reservation management add-on Bookings for LS Central, makes our work much easier.

Beat Wälti, Zermatters CEO CEO
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Looking for self-checkout software for your retail store?

If you’re looking for self-service software for your retail store but aren’t sure where to start – don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Just contact us!

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