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Cutting edge payment processing software to sell easily and securely across all your channels

Accept all types of payments, including mobile and digital wallets. Enjoy faster transactions, simplified operations, better customer experience, and increased security.

LS Pay is ideal for:

Hotels and resorts
F&B businesses

Offer quick transactions and comply with international security standards with LS Pay

Offer safe transactions with the Payment Service Provider (PSP) of your choice

Business owners need to equip themselves with hardware and software that complies with tight security requirements for card transactions as information security standards grow increasingly strict. LS Pay is an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) software solution that offers you complete reliability and EMV and PCI compliance, no matter if you’re selling in your store, restaurant, hotel, pharmacy, gas station, or on your e-commerce platform.

LS Pay works seamlessly with LS Central, giving you the flexibility to choose from a variety of Payment Service Providers (PSP) with out-of-the-box support and PSPs in several regions. With LS Pay, you can guarantee secure payment processes and ensure your infrastructure is on par with legal requirements.

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Why choose a merchant service provider like LS Pay?

Offer secure transactions across channels
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Offer secure transactions across channels

Get a seamless omni-channel payment solution. Offer various payment methods and ensure secure transactions for your business running on LS Retail software management systems.

  • Capture all sales opportunities with a true omni-channel payments solution. LS Pay will securely manage all of your customers’ transactions, no matter if they take place inside your store or through your e-commerce platform.
  • Support various payment methods and let your customers choose how they pay. LS Pay supports multiple transaction methods that bring convenience to your customers, including contactless payments and mobile wallets.   
  • Allows you to ensure safe transactions when running your business on LS Retail software management systems. Whether you run a single store, café, or a chain of restaurants or gas stations, LS Pay suits your needs. 
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Save on costs and ensure compliance

Benefit from out-of-the-box support for multiple Payment Service Providers, compatibility with various hardware types and adherence to recognized security standard.

  • Select your preferred Payment Service Provider without having to add costly integrations. LS Pay includes out-of-the-box support with several Payment Service Providers (PSP) in different regions worldwide. 
  • Select your favorite hardware. LS Pay is compatible with various types of stationery as well as ePOS and mobile POS terminals, allowing you to run it in the easiest way for your business. 
  • Give your shoppers a safe and secure experience. LS Pay is PCI compliant, adheres to EMV security standards, and seamlessly integrates with PCI-certified payment service providers

Supported Payment Service Providers

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Looking for the ideal payment processing solution?

Finding a payment processing provider that’s right for your business is a tough decision, but we’ve got you covered. Just contact us!


What our customers say about our retail software solutions

Ramlagans Hardware and Electrical

We are glad to have chosen LS Retail software solution and work alongside our partner Davyn to implement. The new solution simplifies our inventory management operations, which also enables us to create immediate, on-the-fly promotions that offer additional benefits to our loyal clientele.

Radha Ramlagan Director
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Switching to the LS Retail software solution has been to our business what the printing press was for newspapers. Clarity of purpose, visibility on high-priority action items and focus direction moving forward.

Jonathan St-Jean Director of Operational Efficiency
Read Success Story

The LS Retail software solution streamlined all aspects of the retail business, including centralized warehouse management, flexible promotions management, financial management and accounting, providing the management with detailed insights into performance.

Ms. Trinh Lan Phuong President and CEO
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Find your way in the ever-changing payment landscape

Find your way in the ever-changing payment landscape

The payment landscape is complex and every-changing, but as a retailer, you can’t ignore innovation. Download this whitepaper to understand today’s trends, and discover what you should look for in a payment platform.
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