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A list of software extensions to add even more functionalities to LS Retail business management systems

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LS Activity

Reservation management software
Manage your diverse events, workshops, courses and services all in one, powerful platform. With LS Activity, you can handle a wide variety of services – from reservations, to classes, to events, to ticketing, and more.
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LS Insight

Cloud-based Business Intelligence suite

LS Insight is a cloud-based Business Intelligence software as a service (SaaS) powered by Microsoft Power BI.

Access actionable reports. Take better business decisions. Pay monthly.

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LS Pay

Payment processing
LS Pay is an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) software solution that offers you complete reliability and EMV and PCI compliance, no matter if you are selling in your store, restaurant or gas station, or on your e-commerce platform.
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LS Forecast

Cloud-based inventory planning
LS Forecast is the cloud-based inventory optimization software for LS Central. It uses Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite to predict what stock you’ll need to purchase and transfer to your store locations, so you can maximize your sales and minimize out of stocks.
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LS Recommend

Cloud-based product recommendation engine
LS Recommend is a cloud-based product recommendation engine for retailers that analyzes shopping behavior and delivers predictive insight to your sales team and e-commerce site.
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Staff Management

Control personnel costs and processes

Plan and distribute staff rosters, oversee and approve work hours, handle absences like vacations or sick days easily, and gain a clear overview of timetabling and costs, and how they compare to budget.

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