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Before implementing LS Central for restaurants, miscusi was using disparate systems for its financial management, warehouse, and POS system. The different systems acted as separate entities, which made it very hard to carry out critical functions: “Before, we couldn't do a reliable inventory,” says Marco Garoglio, Chief Technology Officer at miscusi. “Like every startup, we did everything on Excel and that's something we know doesn't scale.” 

miscusi knew that disparate, standalone systems could no longer meet their requirements, especially as the company has ambitious plans for growth. They began looking for  an all-in-one solution that could efficiently  support their ambitions and provide a wide variety of features. “We needed a solution that allowed us to scale easily, with the objective of having someday 50 or 100 stores” says Garoglio.  

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The solution 

LS Retail implementation partner Cluster Reply recommended Microsoft Dynamics ERP and LS Retail's restaurant unified software platform, LS Central for restaurants. After a few demos that showed how the solution addressed all miscusi’s needs, the company decided to select LS Retail software as their new management system. 

LS Central for restaurants was deemed above the competition for its scalability and flexibility. “With the new system, we can integrate with third-party systems as needed, and develop every feature that people in our stores ask,” says Michele Mihu, Software Engineer at miscusi.

The company took advantage of the forced closure caused by covid-19 to do the switch to the new system. Cluster Reply supported the implementation professionally and managed to go live within the agreed timeline. 

Benefits of using LS Central

The new solution has enhanced efficiency in operational practices and enabled miscusi to focus on the aspects of the business that they love. By using one single system, miscusi now enjoys: 

  • Complete overview of all locations. “It allowed us to have a better visualization and understanding of our stock, inventory, and whole supply chain,” says Garoglio. 
  • Centralized management of recipes and controlled costs.  
  • A wide array of offers and promotions, which miscusi can decide to activate where they want, with the specifics they want. 
  • Real-time reports and analytics for enhanced business decisions. “Now the reports come very quickly because we have a good database and digital structure,” says Garoglio. “We also have more people than we had before that are able to interact directly with the data.” 
  • Ability for customers to pay at the table, using LS Retail's payment solution, LS Pay.
  • Integration to delivery aggregator where orders are sent directly to the POS. 

miscusi believes in customer satisfaction and is constantly looking for new ways to raise the bar in how customers interact with their brand. To achieve this, the company has already implemented the Pay at the Table technology and plans to add self-service kiosks. The company will also explore the automated replenishment tools offered in LS Central to improve product availability and reduce stock-outs. 

Thanks to the scalability of the LS Retail software and the width and breadth of functionality, miscusi is confident they can continue to spread the Mediterranean lifestyle to more locations. 

miscusi LS Central is one of the core technologies for miscusi due to its stability and the possibility to develop all the features we need to improve the productivity of our teams.
Michele Mihu, Software engineer

LS Retail implementation partner

Cluster Reply S.r.l

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