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Devyani International Limited

Devyani International Limited (DIL) is the fastest growing company in the Indian retail Food & Beverage sector, with presence in 9 countries cutting across the Indian subcontinent, Nepal and Nigeria. Devyani International Limited currently has 300+ outlets of Pizza Hut, KFC, Costa, Vaango, Swensen's, and many other brands. DIL's multi-format business includes quick service restaurants, fine dining, home delivery, catering and airport food courts.

Looking for an efficient software system to back up company growth

As all operations were managed through a legacy system, Devyani found it hard to control its outlets effectively. Some of the main challenges included:

  • All outlets were managed in silos; compilation, collection or replication of data throughout the outlets and HO was a nightmare.
  • Manual data had to be collected from each location and then brought to the head office for consolidation etc.
  • Huge amounts of time were spent moving things to the next level – this made it impossible to calculate ROI
  • Extra manpower and coordination were needed to report daily sales and consumption
  • Inaccuracies due to manual compilation (done in Microsoft Excel)
  • In the absence of an integrated system, promotional schemes had to be manually installed at each outlet
  • Delayed decisions and manual process to launch promotions

Aware that the disparate, standalone systems could no longer meets its business requirements, DIL decided to update its infrastructure and processes to new ones that would support the continual growth process. The company sought a solution that would take care of best practices and data consolidation at the head office, handle billing at all stores, manage multiple POS terminals, supervise stocks and store-wise profitability, define promotional offers and schemes as well as provide online information.

Success running 1300 POS terminals on LS Central for Restaurants

To manage the diverse needs of its business, DIL considered various alternative solutions. After a detailed evaluation process, the company decided on LS Central for restaurants with an LS Retail partner in India. The implementation started in Costa Coffee retail outlets, followed by Pizza Hut stores in 2008; KFC Stores were next up. By February 2009, the system was rolled out in all of the 130 stores and 500 POS terminals at the Pizza Hut call center and head office in Delhi. Today, the Pizza Hut call center successfully manages all Pizza Hut outlets in India for home delivery service. The Call Center operations and communications with the stores have been successfully managed through LS Central for restaurants resulting in exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Call center-based home delivery

  • LS Retail software running at two call centers
  • 210 agents taking orders from all Indian customers on a single number of the whole of India
  • 260,000 calls per month amounting INR 8000 million (US $13 million)
  • Orders punched in at call center are replicated to respective store server in range of 30-50 seconds
  • Status of KOT print, dispatch status and cash-out can be seen at call center

Online ordering channel

  • Online ordering was recently introduced successfully through Yum! India central order taking portal for Pizza Hut
  • Average 600 orders per day entered in portal land at respective store
  • Most promising upcoming revenue model – Low cost model as call center agent cost is not involved
  • Item masters, offers and promotions are created at HO and using Data Director are replicated to call center and stores
  • Orders are punched at call center and replicated to respective stores
  • Store receives the order and confirmation is sent back to call center
  • KOT is printed at store and confirmation is sent to call center
  • The confirmation is received within 2 minutes after punching in the order
  • Order is dispatched from store and delivery confirmation is replicated to Call Center

Multitude of reports

With LS Central for restaurants, DIL gets a multitude of specific business and forecasting reports including delivery performance reports, delivery performance average, revenue distribution reports, and many more.

Visible benefits with LS Central for Restaurants

Since implementing LS Central for restaurants, DIL has experienced a multitude of benefits. Some of them are:

  • One solution across all different business formats
  • Integrates all Pizza Hut outlets with call center and head office
  • Consolidates sales data, helps in faster decisions and ROI
  • Ensures customer satisfaction and retention with quick delivery
  • Eliminates manual processes, saves person-hours
  • Allows data analysis for enhanced business decisions
  • Makes it easier to administrate & implement the business processes
  • Quicker roll-out in business acquisitions
  • Central visibility of store wastage, inventory, collections for finance and SCM
  • Quick roll-out of complex business promotions/deals, price changes in all 400 Stores
Devyani International Limited

The Sales reports along with tax calculations are generated on a daily basis for all stores and are replicated in the head office in 30-40 minutes. Earlier this operation took days with lots of man-power to manually combine data from separate systems and then calculate sales figures each month.

Sukesh Gera, General Manager
Devyani International Limited

LS Central for restaurants gives Devyani International Ltd. a complete and fully integrated business management system to drive its operational changes. By streamlining the processes of their outlets, Devyani International Ltd. can focus on successfully expanding its network to other cities across India.

Sukesh Gera, General Manager

LS Retail implementation partner

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