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Hard Rock Cafe Budapest

Hard Rock Café Budapest is situated in the heart of downtown Budapest, Vörösmarty Square, a pedestrian square that is popular with tourists. The café is owned by Barista S.A, which runs several Hard Rock Café locations across Poland in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, and Gdansk, and a location in Hamburg, Germany.

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The solution

The company has been using LS Retail software for years and has been very happy with it. So, when the time came to upgrade their system, it came as natural to select LS Central by LS Retail for all locations. With LS Central, the company manages financials, Point of Sale (POS), café operations, inventory, in one single platform.

The company selected technology partner AdmiNetwork, a certified LS Retail partner, to take care of the implementation. It was decided to use the Covid-19 lockdown period to roll out the system. AdmiNetwork made sure Hard Rock Café Budapest was fully operational with the new software before the reopening.


Because Hard Rock Café is all about hospitality, every action has as its goal to create unforgettable guest experiences. “Technology supports our employees without substituting them. We found in LS Central a reliable, fast, and functional helper, which enables us to reduce manual tasks, remove stress from the servers, and give them the time to interact with our guests” says Zsolt Tettinger, Regional General Manager for Hard Rock Café Budapest, Budapest Airport, Hamburg.

The company has seen great benefits using the technology. With LS Central, Hard Rock Café Budapest can:

  • Gain control and have a complete overview of the business – As all data are shared across the operation, management can see how all locations are performing in real time.
  • Manage product reordering easily – The company can monitor what is sold, track what ingredients are being used or are missing, anticipate what guests will order, and reorder appropriate amounts.
  • Make informed decisions – The analytics and reporting capabilities enable management to track costs, income, profits, orderings by server or bartender, and make decisions that are based on data.
  • Handle specific customer requests – The company can track allergens and ingredients and customize dishes to ensure a great guest experience and build loyalty.

Hard Rock Café Budapest plans to use LS Retail technology to the maximum. In the future, they plan to provide their servers with mobile POS to take orders from the table. The company is also looking at adding kitchen displays (KDS) to improve the accuracy and speed of delivery of dishes.

The Hard Rock Café Hamburg location is already using the KDS, and they are very satisfied with it. They can keep track of orders in real time, and speed up service, which is essential when the business is busy.

Hard Rock Café is all about the experience, and they love catering for groups. In the future, they may also extend their LS Central with add-ons specifically designed for events, for example to manage ticketing for the concerts they organize.

Hard Rock Café Budapest can rely on AdmiNetwork and LS Retail to support their ambitious plans.

Hard Rock

The great thing about LS Central is that we get one package to cover all our needs from the back to the front, we don’t need a hundred different software solutions, we don’t need to train people with different platforms.

Zsolt Tettinger, Regional General Manager

LS Retail implementation partner


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