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Unite self-scanning, loyalty, and self-checkout with ScanPayGo

Let customers scan as they shop, pay on the app, and get going, reduce customers wait time, improve store efficiency, and offer a personalized shopping experience with one unified software solution


A powerful self-checkout app for a simpler and faster shopping experience

Reduce queues, collect valuable data, and let customers shop independently

Skip frustrating lines and reduce unnecessary errors with an easy-to-use self-scanning app. With ScanPayGo, you can empower your customers to shop at the pace they prefer while offering a quick and convenient checkout experience.

No integration needed, no extra development required – ScanPayGo is developed to work with our LS Central software platform and is ready to use right out of the box.

Easily customize the app to fit your branding and choose the shopping, payment, and checkout options you want. Use ScanPayGo to run an unmanned, automated store, or to offer your customers more convenience, and stand out from the competition.  

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Launch your business into the future with ScanPayGo and LS Central

Fast, frictionless shopping
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Fast, frictionless shopping

Let customers sign-in and scan a unique QR code on your store’s ScanPayGo app and start scanning for products. Or you can offer store-provided scanners that can be formatted with the app.

  • Give customers access to their shopping histories and enable them to see what they’ve purchased in the past. Customers can copy items from previous shopping trips to a new shopping list for repurchasing.     
  • Allow customers to maintain shopping lists in the app and share with friends and family members. Items are checked off the list when scanned and automatically added to their basket. 
  • Decide how you want customers to checkout. Have them scan the QR code on the app or pay at a traditional register or self-checkout kiosk. You can even offer a mix of both depending on your customers
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Improved customer loyalty

Customers can collect loyalty points when they shop and check their loyalty point status. You can also let customers use loyalty points to complete their purchases and redeem rewards. 

  • Send personalized offers and promotions directly to your customers’ mobile phone. Allow them to search the app for limited time deals and apply special discounts or offers at checkout.  
  • Discover how your customers shop – see which items are most often bought together or what offers are typically redeemed and enhance your offering to suit your customers. 
  • Avoid potential inconsistencies or errors during the checkout process by letting customers directly keep track of what the scan and pay for. Increase customer retention with a positive shopping experience. 
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More manageable business

ScanPayGo works directly with LS Central, so you can easily keep track of purchases through the app and manage your sales and inventory on one software platform without worrying about inconsistencies or errors. 

  • Update all your prices and promotions centrally through the LS Central software platform and automatically send updates to all touchpoints – including the ScanPayGo app.  No more integration issues or data inconsistencies.
  • Optimize staff deployment. Employees can focus on providing personalized assistance, resolving customer inquiries, and maintaining the overall store environment. Your employees can also enjoy less workload by putting the shopping journey into the customers’ hands. 
  • Decide what is best for your business – whether you want a fully autonomous store format with unmanned cashiers or simply want to add self-scanning options to your traditional checkout lines  – it’s completely up to you. 

What our customers say about our retail software solutions

La Colonia
With LS Central, we have achieved real-time data and analytics, which has enabled us to make smarter decisions, stay ahead of the competition, and impress our customers. Because the system is highly customizable, we can enhance our future growth and stay on top of retail trends.
Francisco Mantica IT Director
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The POS system simplifies the day-to-day operations of the clerks and managers. We have detected fewer refunds and interventions in the stock, while customer service has become more fluid and efficient.

Solayman Refae CIO
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The LS Retail software solution streamlined all aspects of the retail business, including centralized warehouse management, flexible promotions management, financial management and accounting, providing the management with detailed insights into performance.

Ms. Trinh Lan Phuong President and CEO
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Are you ready for contactless shopping?

ScanPayGo works seamlessly with LS Central to make the shopping experience faster and simpler for your customers. Want to know more? Just contact us! 

Invest in the future of your retail business with the right POS and ERP solution

Invest in the future of your retail business with the right POS and ERP solution

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