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Grow your restaurant adding eCommerce and online ordering functionalities

Manage your online sales effortlessly, serve your customers better, and boost your restaurant's revenue with a unified software solution for food service businesses

eCommerce for LS Central is
ideal for:

Restaurants, pubs, cafes, pizzerias and fast food chains
Bakeries, catering services, coffee shops and delis
i-ice cream
Juice and smooth bars, ice cream parlors and tea houses
i-industry-hotel restaurant
Hotels and resorts that offer food and beverage services

Accurately manage online and in-person ordering with eCommerce for LS Central

Serve your guests more efficiently with an eCommerce platform that runs on the same solution you use to manage your business in-house. With the eCommerce integration for LS Central for restaurants, you can connect your online website with your physical restaurant locations and let your customers choose where and how they want to order from you.

Easily accept online orders on the same POS you use in your restaurant, send orders straight to the KDS, and organize orders by dine-in, take-out, and delivery without any extra hassle – no more mixing up customers’ orders or creating errors that could cost you valuable business. With eCommerce for LS Central, you can seamlessly handle your online and offline operations and deliver better service to your guests with one single system.

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Connect your online sales platform to your restaurant and simplify the ordering process

Optimize online ordering

Optimize online ordering

Use a single POS system to manage online and offline orders. Customers can order online or at the restaurant, add or remove ingredients, apply loyalty points, and choose takeaway or delivery options. 

  • Receive online orders through the same POS you use at your restaurant no matter if your customers order online, on self-service kiosks, tablets, or mobile devices and send them directly to the kitchen.
  • Offer QR ordering at your restaurant tables and digitally sync your menu to your POS for quick customer service. You can also let customers order through your website and select takeaway and delivery options at checkout.
  • Make adjusting orders easy and simple by allowing customers to add or subtract ingredients from their order when they select a dish or save frequently purchased meals that they can access for immediate purchase.
  • Let customers apply loyalty points or redeem rewards and discounts at checkout wherever they order. Track what offers are redeemed the most and improve your offering based on the data.
  • Simply differentiate between orders to avoid costly errors and inconsistencies. Make sure your employees know which dishes are dine-in, takeaway, and delivery, and accurately label each one.
  • Keep communication consistent between your online and offline channels and reduce manual work. Update prices, promotions, and menu items or ingredients centrally from one system.

Get updated information

Keep all your channels updated and eliminate errors caused by disconnected systems. Analyze data to improve your offering and increase sales. Keep inventory accurate and avoid costly out-of-stock situations.

  • Get a single overview of all your operations through a central database and keep your business under control. Keep information updated across all your channels and eliminate errors caused by disconnected systems.     
  • Discover which of your dishes sells the most or least, determine if certain items should be bundled together, or see if one dish sells better online than in person, etc. and use this data to improve your offering and increase sales.
  • Ensure your inventory is accurate and consistent. Deduct ingredients immediately from your stock wherever your customers place their order, so you can keep count and avoid costly out-of-stock situations. 
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Keep business under control

With real-time syncing of all your information, you can effortlessly scale up or down your online presence, all while gaining complete visibility over your entire chain. Stay on top of your business and ensure smooth operations with minimal effort.

  • Use a pre-set integration with third-party eCommerce sites like Magento and sync up all your information immediately. No time wasted, no costly integrations, and no effort needed on your part – it’s that easy.   
  • Scale your eCommerce up or down depending on your restaurant needs. Running your restaurant in the cloud means you can handle your busiest days, months, and years with minimal effort.   
  • Get real-time visibility over your entire chain. See how each one of your locations is performing and get alerted when an issue arises so you can take immediate action and ensure smooth business. 

What our customers say about our software solutions


From the day we implemented LS Central for restaurants, we have been very pleased with the performance. The software is very flexible in configuration and user-friendly for the entry-level staff. The possibility to define account schedules, Inventory Analysis Reports as per user’s choice, gives very strong tools for analysis of the data.

Shabbir Pasha Project In-charge
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23 Airports & 150 Duty Free Stores

With LS Retail it became much easier to manage inventory control, customs accounting, pricing, integration with any equipment (from fiscal printer to EFT). The system is easy to use and fully integrated, a true all-in-one IT environment, with a single data base.

Vitaliy Lyanke Managing Partner
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Freshfields Farm

The LS Retail software solution has provided us with the means of finding new and better ways to take care of our customers who have been very loyal to us over the years. In the end, LS Retail and our partner Navisiontech will enable us to continue to grow.

Jay Mander CFO
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Need to upgrade your online ordering software?

If you’re looking for an effective eCommerce solution that can seamlessly connect your online and physical stores, but you aren’t sure where to start – don’t worry! We can help. Just contact us!  

Don't let changes in consumer behavior knock your restaurant down

Don't let changes in consumer behavior knock your restaurant down

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