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Casa del Café

Though the company is primarily known for its selection of freshly roasted gourmet coffee, they also offer a variety of refreshments and light dishes.

Casa del Café aspires to be a resource positive company and is committed to bringing coffee to customers in a sustainable way. Their commitments range from embracing sustainable practices in their restaurants to supporting educational programs and training farmers on better resource management. Casa del Café believes they can provide some of the world’s highest quality coffee while positively impacting the lives of coffee producers and their communities.

Business case

Casa del Café has been using LS Retail’s business management software and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to manage their outlets in Nicaragua for years and they have been very satisfied.

The company opened their first outlet outside Nicaragua in 2022 by expanding into Costa Rica where they currently operate one site. After identifying the market requirements, the management team at Casa del Café decided to implement LS Central for restaurants, a single solution capable of covering all their retail, food, and hospitality needs.

The company selected the SaaS-based version of the software for the advantages it provides, including:

  • Automatically updating to the latest version of the software
  • Security and reliability
  • Frequent upgrades
  • Business continuity with no downtime
  • Simple payment structure

Optimus Business Transformation was selected as the preferred implementation partner because of their extensive experience. The implementation went smoothly, and the Optimus Business Transformation team managed to roll out the system within the planned schedule and budget. “We were on a tight schedule for this project, but SaaS technology greatly sped up the process,” says Sebastian Choussy, General Manager at Casa del Café, “this also provided us with valuable experience for future migration to SaaS in Nicaragua.”

The company was also very satisfied with the services and guidance they got from their IT partner and the collaboration between their teams. “We learned the importance of comprehensive unit testing, considering as many business scenarios as possible,” says Choussy.


The LS Retail software solution has streamlined key business processes in Casa del Café. The company now enjoys:

  • Total control over their business – Management can oversee their locations from headquarters, while getting access to all business information in one central place.
  • Increased efficiency – “We used to spend too much time on manual, redundant tasks,” says Choussy, “by automating these tasks, we’ve been able to reduce errors and focus on higher-value tasks like delivering excellent customer service.”
  • Lower infrastructure costs – Looking back, the company is pleased to have taken the decision to run the system totally in the cloud. “Compared to Nicaragua, where we operate on-premises, we have seen significant cost savings in infrastructure, integration development, additional system licensing, as well as increased operational efficiency,” says Choussy.

To continue their growth, the management team at Casa del Café has already set new technology targets. “We operate in a highly competitive market, which requires our business to constantly evolve and innovate,” says Choussy, “technology is at the core of it and enables us to onboard staff faster, improve cost efficiency, while attracting new customers and opening new locations.”

As a next step, the company intends to migrate all their stores in Nicaragua to LS Central SaaS. They will also explore ways to achieve greater functional coverage, set up more automations, and streamline integrations with other applications they use.

They know that LS Retail’s technology and the services delivered by Optimus Business Transformation will enable them to enhance the customer experience across all their channels.

Casa del Café

By selecting LS Central SaaS for our restaurants, we get all the benefits of Microsoft’s cloud, combined to the capabilities of LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics ERP. This gives our management team complete visibility of what is happening in each branch in real time.

Sebastian Choussy, General Manager

LS Retail implementation partner

Optimus Business Transformation LLC

Optimus Business Transformation is a technology consulting and software solution company with presence across eight countries. Their solutions include on-premise and cloud-based ERP, CRM, BI, WMS, Unified Commerce, POS, eCommerce, and mobile applications. They help companies to make their business transformation journey seamless through innovation and consulting services in over 20 countries across the USA, Caribbean, Europe, Central and South America.

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