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Sell furniture and homewares easier with the right POS and retail management software

Build repeat business online and in-store with the perfect stock balance of fast-moving and made-to-order furniture and home décor pieces

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Never let your furniture and home décor shops run out of stock again

Ensure that your furniture and homeware stores have the items customers want without tying up too much space and cash. LS Retail unified POS and ERP software solves these challenges in a single, powerful platform that gives you clear visibility and control of all your transactions and operations.

Let the automations optimize your inventory and replenishment, so you can focus on high-return activities instead of routine daily work. Stop wasting time on repeat tasks: set products, prices, promotions, and more, centrally, for all your stores and eCommerce site using a single system.

All your data is collected and available in real-time in one unified software platform, so you can make strategic decisions based on data that you know is current and reliable.

Our software solution is ideal for:

i-furniture store
Furniture retailers with 10 to 250+ back-office users
i-furniture-home decor
Home décor and appliance stores
i-furniture-desk chair
Office or custom-made furniture retailers
National and international chains
Why LS Retail software solutions

Run and grow your furniture and homeware business with one unified retail software system

Use one solution to handle all your operations
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Use one solution to handle all your operations

Handle products, suppliers, employee schedules, sales, appointments, and events for all your locations in one, single database.

Monitor your KPIs and make data-based business decisions using the system’s real-time performance reports and intelligent insights.

All your data is collected in one system, giving you clear visibility, so when you make strategic decisions, you know the data is current and reliable.

Easily order and track customized pieces
Easily order and track customized pieces

Handle special orders for customized and non-stock furniture items.

Source items from your stores, warehouses, or external vendors at the POS.

Track the process all the way, from product reservations to order and delivery.

Have a clear overview of each item’s lifecycle, including price changes, active offers, item profitability, and estimated stock levels at the end of the season.

Choose stock based on what your customers want
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Choose stock based on what your customers want

Minimize inventory while reducing stock-outs with a mix of manual and automated replenishment.

Manage sales and purchasing budgets with the open-to-buy functionality. The system helps you figure out how much stock you need to buy in relation to your available inventory.

Keep a clear overview of all stock available across the company, including layaways and transfer requests.

Let customers shop just as easy online as in-store
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Let customers shop just as easy online as in-store

Let online shoppers see what items are available and in which store location.

Let customers order items online and decide if they want to pick up in store or get home delivery.

Accept returns and exchanges for items in all your stores – whether bought online or at another location.

Manage your inventory and sales channels within the same platform for easier information flow and decision-making.

Bring customers back to your physical stores
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Bring customers back to your physical stores

No need for your cashiers to do mental math: the system automatically applies only valid promotions and offers to each item and transaction.

Offer a loyalty program and reward customers with points and personalized offers and coupons.

Analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and promotions and create offers that deliver value to both you and your customers.

Book specialty appointments on the same platform
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Book specialty appointments on the same platform

Book appointments with your interior designer or take reservations for a DIY workshop straight at the POS – powered by the Bookings for LS Central add-on.

See what services your customers are booking and send them reminders or new offers. And, if you owe commission, the software solution can automatically calculate the sales and amount owed, so you always know exactly what you owe your employees.


IKEA Saudi Arabia easily manages three stores with over 100 POS with LS Retail software

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“Thanks to LS Retail solutions, IKEA Saudi Arabia can handle the challenge of managing the massive scale of its business and the increasing volume of sales.” 

Nasir Mohiuddin, IKEA Saudi Arabia Read success story

Find your next software platform to grow your furniture business

Bring it all together with a software that covers all your needs, from warehouse to showroom


Unified commerce software
(includes POS and ERP)

LS Central is a fully integrated software solution that combines POS, ERP, loyalty, eCommerce, inventory management (and more!) for furniture and homeware stores.


Software for small retailers
(includes POS and ERP)

LS Express is the online POS and retail software solution for small furniture and home décor stores (mainly one-store retailers). It is a native app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Keep your furniture and home décor store at the top with the right software

Keep your furniture and home décor store at the top with the right software

Choosing new software isn’t easy – you have to consider how well it performs daily tasks, and how it can improve your business in the long-term. Here are 7 factors to look for before you make the final decision.
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Find the right retail software for your furniture store

Finding the right retail software for your furniture, home décor, and homeware business is not an easy task – it’s difficult to know where to start. But we’re here to help. Contact us!   

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