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Order management, rising food costs – so much heat to deal with!

Propelled by an improving economy, the restaurant industry has met with increasing sales in the past few years. Despite the positive trend, restaurant operators are still facing a number of challenges which can affect their revenue and performance.

From tough competition, to the complexities of order management, to the necessity to deliver food quickly and precisely with outstanding service, restaurateurs’ success and reputation have always depended on much more than just the food they serve.

With food costs on the rise and ever changing consumers’ demands, if a restaurant or food service business wants to succeed, they need to cut food and operational expenses as well as find innovative ways to meet their clients’ expectations and therefore ensure new and repeat customers.

Diners increasingly expect to be able to use their mobiles to customize their meal, order it and pay. So in order to stay ahead, restaurateurs need to be flexible and adopt mobile solutions.

Can your restaurant or food service business deliver all these services easily and quickly?


Powerful, flexible and highly configurable software solutions

Our restaurant software solutions perfectly fit the needs of both casual and fine-dining establishments worldwide.
From a standalone POS system to an all-in-one business management system, our solutions enable restaurateurs to offer rapid, flexible and high-quality service, making table and guest management easy and pain-free and helping you build your numbers of satisfied, loyal customers.

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Fast and effective table-side service

Enjoy an easy-to-use and quick-to-learn POS system. Give your guests a fast an effective service through quick order taking and mobile POS terminals. Our all-in-one restaurant management system transfers data immediately from the POS to kitchen displays, thus ensuring fast and exact service. Recipes and deal modifiers are also available on the POS terminal, facilitating upselling and cross-selling.

Wirelessly connect kitchen and floor staff

Manage easily and error-free even the largest restaurant floor. The intuitive graphical interface enables you to cater for your customers accurately, displaying order status for each table and warning you in case of delays. Track guests and bookings, and handle expertly even the most complex table reservations.

Wirelessly connect kitchen and floor staff

In-depth sales reports

In-depth sales reports

LS Hospitality sales reports help you analyze your strategy and performance, supplying you with the knowledge necessary to adapt your menus in order to minimize waste and maximize profit. Track your trends and numbers, analyze your transactions and sales history and use our statistical tools to improve your bottom line.

Central control for multiple locations

Manage your whole organization from the head office easily and effortlessly. Set up your menu items, recipes and meal deals with modifiers; the system will replicate the data instantly and automatically across the organization, enabling you to manage your restaurant POS terminals and staff from headquarters.

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The CIO guide to restaurant technology investments: never struggle again with skepticism and uncertainty

The CIO guide to restaurant technology investments: never struggle again with skepticism and uncertainty

Read the advice of the former CIO of Cracker Barrel on how to make tech investments that pay off.

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What can LS retail do for your restaurant or food service business?

i-restaurants and food service-Keep your customers smiling
Keep your customers smiling

Our system’s fast and accurate automatic data replication assures that your customers’ requests are sent directly from the server’s POS to the kitchen, reducing the risk of human error.

i-restaurants and food service-Timely orders, correct orders
Timely orders, correct orders

Prepare dishes timely and in the right order thanks to the clear and highly intuitive kitchen management system.

i-hotels-On all devices
Receive orders and payments from bar-side to table-side

Offer your customers an omni-channel experience with a breadth of mobility solutions, from online ordering to take-out, to mobile payment processing.

i-restaurants and food service-Have a bird’s eye view of your business
Have a bird’s eye view of your business

Check and analyze your performance in real time with our all-in-one system for front- and back-of-house operations.

i-restaurants and food service-Increase the pace of your restaurant operations, without breaking a sweat
Increase the pace of your restaurant operations, without breaking a sweat

Speed up your staff and register operations thanks to our intuitive cash and POS graphic interface.

i-restaurants and food service-Slash your restaurants losses
Slash your restaurant's losses

Increase your margins by reducing your waste of food. Our system helps you decide how many dishes to prepare, as well as which ingredients to order.



LS Retail is a very flexible instrument that can be adjusted according to our business-needs. Configuration and customization requires additional investment, but I believe that these investments will be returned. I can see already that I’ve made the right choice and got a powerful instrument for managing business and creation of unique loyalty programs.

—  Alex Turin, Mamamia

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Your restaurant & food service business will thrive with LS Retail

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Reduced administration costs

Our centrally maintained system allows you to use fewer staff members to perform the same tasks, easier and faster.

Accurate stock control

Let our system find the perfect product mix for your store, meet sales goals and increase your margins.

Loyalty programmes

Design highly customised loyalty programs and send them straight to your customers’ mobiles.

Loss prevention tools

Prevent loss of revenue as our system warns you in case of unauthorized discounts and invalid returns.

Don’t buy restaurant management software until you read this

Don’t buy restaurant management software until you read this

Learn the 7 most common mistakes food-service and restaurant owners make when selecting business software or POS systems, and how to avoid falling in those traps.

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You have questions, we have answers

Choosing the right restaurant POS system or hospitality management software may be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help every step of the way. Talk to our experts to receive specific suggestions tailored to your unique needs.

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