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The online POS and accounting system for small retail businesses

Manage a complex inventory, customer service demands, and financials while staying competitive.

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LS Express is a webPOS extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

For smaller retailers who want an online POS with powerful accounting and back-office functionalities.

Small-scale retailers need a software solution that allows them to keep up with demand and effectively compete with larger enterprises.

LS Express extends the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by adding key retail functionality to help smaller retailers thrive. Thanks to the consistent environment, you can handle all your inventory, sales, and accounting within a single system – no more switching in and out of applications.

The total integration of the Microsoft suite gives you many possibilities to improve service and increase profitability, and setting up takes less than ten minutes!

LS Express is ideal for:

Small retailers with up to 40 employees
Single-store retailers no matter the size
i-POS functionality
Retailers looking for a purely SaaS POS solution
Why LS Retail Software

No integration issues, no manual upgrades, familiar Microsoft environment


Pay only for the capabilities you need

Decrease your maintenance and startup costs and always stay within budget with a cloud-based software solution. LS Express lets you pay only for the services you need.

Select the number of POS that best suits your company. Just contact our support and we’ll increase or decrease the number of POS according to your needs. It takes just a few minutes – quick, simple, and convenient.

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Reduce manual errors, save time and increase profitability with a single hospitality system

Point of sale 

Point of sale 

Run LS Express in your favorite web browser on tablets, mobiles and computers using Windows, iOS, or Android. The POS app is hardware-independent and has a responsive interface, so you can complete sales however you need.     

  • Log into the system and keep track of your sales in real- time, wherever you are: as LS Express runs in the cloud, your data is always maintained up to date across all your sales devices.  And you can access your data safely wherever you are.     
  • Accept your customers’ preferred type of payment: cash, vouchers, card, coupons, or a combination of them. Print or email receipts and sales invoices, and easily manage item returns. With LS Express, it’s easy to make your customers happy.
  • Easily sell to returning customers by adding their sales to their customer profile. Access sales history to find previously bought products and offer more personalized service, like recommending new items or items that are on sale.     
  • Add products to the POS by scanning the barcode or search by item lookup and choose from the item lists. Right within the items list, there’s direct access to additional information about the item, which staff can easily access and share info about.     
  • Use various mobile devices, to serve customers faster on the shop floor. No matter which device or browser you use, the system maintains the familiar Microsoft Dynamics Business Central look, making it easy for your staff to find what they need.

Store management

Manage your inventory and stock levels quickly and easily, directly from your POS terminals. Gain better stock transparency and eliminate extra costs due to shortages or unpractical warehouse storage.

  • Avoid unregistered sales and other data inaccuracies that can be damaging for your business. Your data can easily be accessed, managed, and reviewed from any device and the information will always be consistent.     
  • Get a complete overview of your business and improve your financial management. An external accountant can access the same data and do all the accounting tasks. No need to gather piles of receipt and risk costly errors. 
  • Enjoy eCommerce integration with a built-in connector to Shopify. Simply connect your Shopify store to LS Express and finalize your Shopify orders, keeping all your stored data in one place.


A modern customer experience


LS Express – Easy returns and refunds


End of day


Blomahonnun chose LS Express

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“It used to take us 10 minutes to enter each bill in the computer. Now it takes on minute per bill, maximum. Plus, we are now confident that there are no errors due to manually copying the numbers.”

Maria Masdottir - Owner of Blomahonnun read the success story

Get all your questions answered

Choosing the right retail POS and accounting system can be an overwhelming experience, but we’re here to help. Try LS Express for free. No credit card. No commitment. Just a few quick questions to set up your trial. Or if you have any additional questions just get in touch with our experts.

Free trial (Selected countries)
Choosing the ideal retail Point of Sale system: 5 factors to consider

Choosing the ideal retail Point of Sale system: 5 factors to consider

Retailers today need technology that can help them adapt for the future. With a modern POS and retail management system, you can speed up sales and get the capabilities you need to keep up with competitors.
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