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The all-in-one software solution for full-service restaurants

Manage your kitchen and tables easily. Send orders to the kitchen fast.  Then bring them to your tables on time, all while delivering excellent customer service. 

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From kitchen to table. One software solution to deliver top-notch service

LS Central for restaurants, LS Retail’s unified restaurant management software, gives you an entire overview of your business on just one software platform.

From central kitchen management, to table handling, to a mobile point of sale, to ERP (and more!), LS Central for restaurants connects daily restaurant operations and headquarters processes with financials and accounting functionalities right out of the box.

Maintain accurate and direct communication between your front of house and kitchen to avoid duplicate or wrong orders, see real-time stock of your ingredients, and always make sure customers are served on time.

Our restaurant software solution is ideal for:

i-fine dining restaurant michelin star
Fine dining and Michelin-starred establishments
Hotels or resorts
with food service businesses
National and international full-service chains
Why LS Retail software solutions

Highly configurable, flexible, fast. The go-to POS and ERP software for full-service and fine dining restaurants

Easily keep track of tables to ensure prompt service
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Easily keep track of tables to ensure prompt service

The software uses different colors and graphics to display the status of each dining table and signal when tables have been served.

Clearly see table availability, table reservations, walk-ins, number of guests, order progress and preparation for each table, and who is waiting for service to give you guests the best experience.

Take orders at the table and send directly to the kitchen
Take orders at the table and send directly to the kitchen

Using a mobile POS or tablet, your servers can leave pen and paper behind and input customer orders into the system straight from the table.

They can then send the orders straight to the KDS in the number and order they were received without the risk of error and see the status of each order as the kitchen prepares it.

Add/remove ingredients at customers’ requests
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Add/remove ingredients at customers’ requests

Easily tweak ingredients in individual dishes to comply with customer dietary preferences or allergies.

Servers can add or remove ingredients on a tablet or mobile POS and send orders to the kitchen exactly as they were ordered so the kitchen receives the right information.

Ensure orders are prepared on time and in order
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Ensure orders are prepared on time and in order

Display dishes on the KDS in the order they were received and in the correct section of the kitchen where preparation will start.

Clearly see special requests and allergies next to each order, including time when dishes should be prepped and in what order so that they’re at their freshest when being brought out to your guests. 

Transfer bills easily from the bar to the table
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Transfer bills easily from the bar to the table

Transfer orders or parts of orders between different tables or restaurant sections easily and quickly.

For example, you can move the bill from customers at the bar to the table once they’re seated.

Orders can even be transferred between restaurants, like indoor and outdoor dining areas. 

Book tables and special events with one software
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Book tables and special events with one software

Easily sell tickets to a wine cellar tour, cooking class, food tasting, or host special events in your reception hall, ballroom, or private dining room on the same platform that you run the rest of your restaurant.

Get one central view of all your operations with the same solution and run your business effectively.


Karamna: top technology to match top quality Lebanese food


The LS Retail software solution offers rich functionality, quick implementation and seamless integration with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP, which is exactly what we wanted. The LS Retail software solution also includes finance and supply chain management.

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Elegant restaurant software solutions for refined palates

Flexible POS and ERP restaurant software designed to suit your business needs

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Unified restaurant software system (POS and ERP)

LS Central is a fully integrated restaurant software solution that gives you a complete overview of your business operations from Point of Sale to back-office and more.

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