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Software extensions to add extra features

Discover powerful software enhancers that you can combine with LS Retail’s management systems to add even more functionalities to your retail, restaurant or forecourt suite.

Analytics for LS Central

Cloud-based Business Intelligence suite

Analytics for LS Central (formerly known as LS Insight) is a cloud-based Business Intelligence software as a service (SaaS) powered by Microsoft Power BI.

Access actionable reports. Take better business decisions. Pay monthly.

Bookings for LS Central

Reservation management software
Manage your diverse events, workshops, courses and services all in one, powerful platform. With Bookings for LS Central (formerly know as LS Activity), you can handle a wide variety of services – from reservations, to classes, to events, to ticketing, and more.

eCommerce for retail

Connect your online and physical stores

Give customers access to real-time stock availability on your website, let them order items for pick up or delivery, and view personalized recommendations, special offers, and promotions.

eCommerce for restaurants

Add online ordering functionalities

Connect your website with your physical restaurant locations and let your customers choose where and how they want to order from you. 

LS Pay

Payment processing
LS Pay is an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) software solution that offers you complete reliability and EMV and PCI compliance, no matter if you are selling in your store, restaurant or gas station, or on your e-commerce platform.

Staff Management

Control personnel costs and processes
Plan and distribute staff rosters, oversee and approve work hours, handle absences like vacations or sick days easily, and gain a clear overview of timetabling and costs, and how they compare to budget.
extra features

Get even more functionalities

Discover the limitless possibilities with our advanced features that will supercharge your efficiency, enhance performance, and make mastering your objectives effortless.


With ScanPayGo, your customers can scan and pay for items using their smartphones, eliminating long checkout lines and enhancing customer satisfaction. Boost efficiency, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition.

Self-checkout for retail

Offer seamless self-checkout experiences to your customers. They can scan and pay for items independently, reducing wait times and enhancing satisfaction. Take charge of your success, improve efficiency, and delight your customers with reliable self-checkout software.

i-restaurant kiosk

Restaurant self-ordering

Empower your customers to place their orders effortlessly and enjoy a personalized dining experience. Increase efficiency in your restaurants, reduce wait times, and boost sales with our user-friendly kiosk software solution.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Replace traditional paper tickets. KDS streamlines communication between the kitchen and front-of-house, displaying orders in real-time. Enjoy smoother kitchen operations, enhance order accuracy, and expedites food preparation.

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Discover the restaurant trends you should watch out for

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