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Donkeys Mexicano Fusion

In 2011, two Salvadoran brothers started their first restaurant in San Salvador, Donkeys Mexicano Fusion, which has since expanded into a thriving restaurant business with four locations. Donkeys Mexicano Fusion also has a ghost kitchen that takes online orders and a production center where all cooking products are distributed to the appropriate locations.
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Business case

Donkeys Mexicano Fusion has been using LS Central for Restaurants since 2018 and is really satisfied with the outcomes. "LS Central has greatly improved our operational and customer service processes," says Piero Rusconi, Co-Founder of Donkeys Mexico Fusion. "With LS Central, we have everything in one place, instead of having different applications and systems within our company."


LS Central has helped Donkeys Mexicano Fusion:

  • Reduce serving time for guests by taking orders at the table using tablets and sending orders immediately to the kitchen
  • Increase table turnover
  • Reduce manual tasks and improve communication between service and kitchen staff
  • Gain real-time inventory visibility in every location
  • Identify popular dishes, and increase sales through discounts
  • Know the cost of each product used in recipes
  • Improve guest satisfaction

In the next phase of the project, the company will implement the loyalty module in LS Central to reward its most loyal customers, collect critical information about their preferences, and offer them targeted promotions.

LS Retail implementation partner


Nostico is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge IT solutions and continuous improvement methodologies to empower businesses in reaching their objectives. Their core expertise lies in the seamless integration of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, LS Retail solutions, and the creation of tailored functionalities or modules for each product they offer. Their primary mission is to provide agile and high-quality services, guaranteeing a rapid return on investment for their clients.

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