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Fast food POS and restaurant software to help you speed up service

Improve order accuracy, inventory management, product reordering, and customer loyalty for your quick service restaurants with just a single software platform.

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Serve customers better with an all-in-one fast food restaurant management system

With just a single restaurant software system, you can take control of your entire fast food enterprise, coffeehouse, café, bakery, or pub chain and put customers first.

LS Retail’s restaurant management software for quick service and fast casual businesses helps you manage all your operations, from front office to back office, POS, and kitchen.

Easily customize your menu to match your brand’s themes, connect your self-service kiosks or tablets to the POS, easily keep track of ingredients, and keep customers happy.

Our QSR software solution
is ideal for:

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Fast casual food service franchises
i-restaurant kiosk
QSR with self-service and drive-thrus
i-coffee and muffin
Coffeehouses, cafes, bakeries, pubs, and bars
Local and international fast-food chains
Why LS Retail software solutions

From order to delivery, say goodbye to manual processes and hello to seamless QSR operations

Satisfy customers by letting them order how they want
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Satisfy customers by letting them order how they want

Let your customers order food in the most convenient way for them, either online, by mobile, or at your restaurant.

You can also give them the option to eat-in, get takeaway, delivery, or curbside pick-up, and have your employees or customers input the information directly into your system, so it gets sent to the kitchen the right way without errors or mix-ups. 

Order the ingredients you need and eliminate waste
Order the ingredients you need and eliminate waste

The software helps you keep track of ingredients, so you always know which ingredients you have and which to reorder.

Schedule reorders in the system and never get stuck without ingredients and miss out on sales.

The system also uses intelligent analytics to calculate the right amount of product for you to reorder – not too much or too little. 

Set prices, menus, and offers from one location
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Set prices, menus, and offers from one location

The system allows you to update all your prices, menus, and offers centrally and automatically applies the update across all your touchpoints including kiosks, digital menus, POS, and online.

Easily add daily or weekly specials or limited time promotions where your menu is visible to customers and remove them when needed. 

Fulfil orders smoothly for both eat-in and takeaway
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Fulfil orders smoothly for both eat-in and takeaway

Whether your customers order online or at your restaurant, it can all be managed from the same place, and the system will receive it in the order it was made.

You can also label each order to clarify to staff if it should be plated or packaged for dine-in or takeaway, and accurately define which dishes contain dietary or allergy adjustments to avoid damaging mishaps.

Send personalized offers to loyal customers
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Send personalized offers to loyal customers

Design highly customized loyalty programs and send them straight to your customers’ mobiles.

You can even add tiers and differentiate rewards based on the level customers have reached, and let customers pay for their meals using loyalty points.  

Add-on Analytics for LS Central lets you see frequent purchases to help you send customers more relevant deals.

Train servers in under an hour
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Train servers in under an hour

With the high turnaround of employees in QSR service, it’s important to train new employees quickly.

The software is intuitive with an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to train new staff in under an hour and maximize efficiency.

The software also has strong staff management capabilities, so you can manage schedules, sick leave, and last-minute changes. 


A reliable, fast, and functional helper
for Hard Rock Café

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"The great thing about LS Central is that we get one package to cover all our needs from the back to the front, we don’t need a hundred different software solutions, we don’t need to train people with different platforms. It's truly as easy as it sounds, but powerful too."

Zsolt Tettinger, Regional General Manager Read the success story

The Quick Service Restaurant software to help you thrive

Flexible fast casual restaurant software designed to suit your business needs

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Unified restaurant software system (POS and ERP)

LS Central is a fully integrated restaurant software solution that gives you a complete overview of your business operations from Point of Sale to back-office and more.

Ready to upgrade your quick service technology?

If you’re operating a fast casual or fast food restaurant, trying to choose a new software solution to run your business can feel like an impossible task. We’re here to help.

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