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POS and ERP software for electronics and home appliance stores

Manage a complex inventory and fast-moving stock in your physical and online stores, while delivering consistent, high-quality service.

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Power up your electronics retail chain with an end-to-end software solution

Electronics retailers are faced with constantly changing trends and demands. With LS Retail software, you can always offer the products and services your customers desire online and in store using just one solution.

LS Retail software covers your entire business from the back office (ERP) to customer-facing tasks (POS), to reporting, inventory, and operations. Let the system automations take care of keeping stock levels balanced, so you have what people want without piling up stock that will quickly become outdated.

Our software solution is ideal for:

i-electronics items
Electronics, technology, and home appliances retailers
National and international tech store chains
i-electronics repair
Retailers with services like repairs or consultations
Why LS Retail software solutions

Don’t let an outdated retail system stop you from giving tech enthusiasts the latest and greatest

Oversee all your business operations from one software system
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Oversee all your business operations from one software system

Have a clear overview your sales history, like current and past prices, active offers, item profitability, expected stock levels at the end of the season.

Maintain products, suppliers, staff, sales, campaigns, stock, appointments, and events for all your locations in a single database. You can also manage items, prices, customers, offers and promotions centrally. The system automatically keeps all information up to date across all touchpoints, including the POS and eCommerce site.

Keep tech lovers loyal and coming back for more
Keep tech lovers loyal and coming back for more

Encourage repeat purchases with a loyalty program that rewards your customers with points and targeted offers in store and online. Set offers and promotions that are valid in all or some of your stores, analyze their effectiveness and popularity and adjust your strategy to bring value to both you and your customers.

Let customers easily buy or return items anywhere
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Let customers easily buy or return items anywhere

Let customers order items online or at the POS and decide how they want to receive their items – whether they want to have them sent home, collect them store, or pick them up at a locker or at the curbside. Offer easy in-store returns and exchanges of products bought online, or at any store location.

Optimize stock distribution with just a few clicks
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Optimize stock distribution with just a few clicks

See which items are under- or overstocked, how long stock will last, and buy based on current inventory and expected sales. Distribute stock based on the needs and capacity of each store using both manual and automated replenishment tools. Optimize the amounts and mix of products based on how many items of each type and size each store can carry. Perform inventory functions, including stock adjustments, ordering, counting, etc., on mobile devices

Empower your staff to offer the best service
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Empower your staff to offer the best service

Take payments, assist shoppers with product information, and even perform critical back office and inventory functions on mobile devices.

Easily manage customized orders, like custom computer builds: they system help you keep track of each individual part.

No receipt? No problem. Track products using serial numbers, barcodes, or alternative identifiers, and make returns and warranty lookups a breeze.

Book consultations or servicing on the same platform
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Book consultations or servicing on the same platform

Reserve consultations with your in-house tech, manage repairs, or sell seats to a photography course within the same system you use to process product sales. Track customers who use your services and send reminders for upcoming appointments or follow-ups, invite them to rebook for the next session, or send them relevant offers.


Electrolux effectively manages multiple stores on the same solution using LS Retail software

Electrolux Home

“We are very pleased we found a solution where POS and business management system are integrated into a standard solution which fits our functional requirements to a very high degree. We are also confident with the provider, as this particular solution has been implemented by many other retailers.” 

Cecelia De Govia, Project Manager Read success story

Open, run, and expand your electronics business with one software solution

Enhance your performance to the max with a powerful POS and ERP software platform


Unified commerce software
(includes POS and ERP)

LS Central is a fully integrated software solution that combines POS, ERP, loyalty, eCommerce, inventory management (and more!) for electronics and home appliances stores with local and international growth ambitions.


Retail system for small retailers
(includes POS and ERP)

LS Express is the online POS and retail software solution for small electronics stores (mainly one-store retailers, no matter the size). It is a native app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Find the right software to support your electronics stores

Find the right software to support your electronics stores

There are so many elements to consider when looking for a new ERP and POS system. Unsure where to start? Download our eBook and find out which factors you need to look for.
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Find the right software solution for your business

With so many choices out there, selecting the best retail software solution for your electronics or appliance store is not an easy task, but you don’t have to do it alone. Let us help.

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