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hero-product-analytics-for-ls-central hero-product-analytics-for-ls-central

Analyze your performance easily with a robust business intelligence software

Access actionable reports and make better business decisions thanks to a cloud-based Business Intelligence suite built on Power BI – Microsoft’s business intelligence service.

Analytics for LS Central
is ideal for:

Retailers with 10 to 250+ LS Central back office users
Hotels, resorts, spas and other hospitality businesses

Get advanced reporting and data analytics that are easy to understand and interpret

Use advanced reports on historical sales and sales budget data to understand how your business is performing and improve your strategies for the future. 

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, with the powerful analytics and predictive abilities of Power BI and the option to connect to external data sources, Analytics for LS Central empowers you to make informed decisions to better your business.

Access your data warehouse and leverage out-of-the-box data models, pre-built dashboards, and analytics templates – from any device – to easily interpret what your customers want and how to stay ahead.


See your data clearly and get answers with a cloud-based
BI service

Analytics is available as an add-on for LS Central.

Pay per usage: enjoy all the capabilities and opportunities of business analytics without having to make a capital investment.

Reduce your need for in-house data analysts and IT staff, rest assured that all your data is properly stored and backed up in the Microsoft cloud, and shrink or expand your business at will.

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Powerful business analytics software to consistently perform at your best

Access insights quickly
pt-analytics for ls central-access insights quickly

Access insights quickly

Get instant access to your KPIs from any device or web browser. Check your latest numbers and give your staff instant feedback on sales. Visualize your reports in easy-to-build interactive dashboards.

  • See your data in a more productive and consumable manager and improve your business performance. Track your success without having to compare lines of information – let the AI find patterns you may have missed.     
  • Discover your bestselling and slowest-selling items, and make profitable decisions, like seeing if certain items would perform better at another location or if some items should be sold together. Make changes faster and more effective.
  • Use pre-built reports and analytics, and put all your transactional data into a highly visual and powerful set of information. Get answers fast – type a question, get a visual representation of the answer, and share it with users across your team. 
pt-analytics for ls central-Take cost-effective actions

Take cost-effective actions

Set up alerts and react quickly to protect your margins. Know where to take action immediately and address issues to help ensure your business is running optimally.

  • Set automatic notifications and ask the system to warn you whenever a specific parameter goes beyond the limit you set – like if your revenue goes below budget – and solve problems more effectively.   
  • Track and compare productivity per period, employee, location, and area, and easily identify how each location across your chain is performing and what actions should be taken. Compare how you perform online vs. in person.     
  • Understand better how to set your pricing to grow sales and margins. Discover which of your store locations are over or under-performing and increase your performance by knowing what sells and what doesn’t. 

pt-product-scanpaygo-business owner with tablet

Improve customer experiences

Understand customer preferences and buying habits, and offer targeted promotions that increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. Create tailored experiences based on reliable data, and drive business growth.

  • Keep track of returning customers and frequently bought items, and make personalized recommendations based on what they purchase or send relevant offers. Show customers you know what they want and make informed decisions that will drive sales. 
  • Find out what offers and rewards points your customers are redeeming in your loyalty program and learn more about what gets customers through your doors. Plan more successful campaigns and promotions when you know what customers will buy.     
  • Analyze how often specific items go out of stock and ensure you always have enough stock on hand to meet customer demand. See which items sell best at certain times of the year, so you can easily plan your inventory and avoid over or understocking.   

Redi Mart, convenience and tobacco stores, uses Analytics for LS Central

CS Redi-Mart
CS-Redi-Mart-logo-png-trans “We like the stability of Microsoft and LS Retail solutions, the retail features offered in LS Central are quite robust and extensive, allowing us to improve efficiencies and successfully compete in our industry.” Chris Rayment, Owner at Redi Mart read the full testimonial

Ready to leverage data for better business?

Managing business intelligence and analytics can seem intimidating, but with Analytics for LS Central, you get access to rich data capabilities and improved decision making without having to become a technical master. Want to learn more? Just contact us!

Discover 10 retail KPIs to keep you ahead of the competition

Discover 10 retail KPIs to keep you ahead of the competition

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