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Add-on to manage reservations, classes, courses, ticketing and events

Get Bookings for LS Central, sell a variety of extra services, streamline the customer experience, and keep your business organized

Bookings for LS Central
is ideal for:

i-booking calendar
Retailers that offer rentals, appointments and other services
i-coffee and muffin
Cafes, restaurants and other food service businesses
Pharmacies that offer appointments, consultations and more
i-large resort
Hotels, resorts, spas and other hospitality businesses

Manage your diverse events, workshops, courses and services all in one powerful platform

Bookings for LS Central is a reservation management software that extends LS Central, letting you manage reservations, appointments, and additional services alongside all your other sales.

You don’t need to use a slew of different systems that leave room for error or costly mistakes. With Bookings for LS Central, you can offer a diverse range of services to your customers, create new bookings, make reservations, and manage your day-to-day with just one, easy to use software platform, keeping your business on track and your customers happy.

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A single booking management system that lets you plan more effectively and deliver better service

Effortlessly handle bookings
pt-ls central for bookings-Effortlessly handle bookings

Effortlessly handle bookings

Let customers reserve various services from appointments to rentals and anything in between. Simplify the booking experience, manage all aspects of the booking process from start to finish with one easy-to-use add-on that brings extra functionality to LS Central.

  • See upcoming bookings in chronological order for any given day. Easily view expected arrivals and cancellations, paid/unpaid bookings, as well as new and returning customers and stay on top of your operations.
  • Easily create individual and group reservations and quickly search bookings in the system. Make multiple bookings under one reservation or split bookings between group members within a reservation and split payments.
  • Simplify the booking experience – manage all your ticketing, events, bookings, reservations, and appointments at the same POS you use to handle your sales. Finalize transactions quickly and conveniently. 
  • Reschedule or change bookings easily from the POS. Drag and drop bookings to dates, time slots, room numbers, or specific professionals. Receive alerts about overbookings and take immediate action.     
  • Let customers reserve various resources and rentals, including equipment, space, and your experts’ time. Keep track of what’s booked across your locations, including bookings per customer, and manage availability/returns. 
  • Get a complete overview of all bookings across your entire chain and manage them centrally from one platform. Handle the booking process from start to finish, logging tasks, contracts, registrations, and interactions.
pt-ls central for bookings-manage your offering

Manage your offering

Create bundled offers with specific services, track inclusions and inventory, set timelines for bookings, determine prices & limitations for all locations, manage memberships & offer exclusive discounts/promotions for members.

  • Create package or bundle offers for specific services and view all inclusions right at the POS. You can easily keep track of each inclusion within the system and maintain an accurate count of your inventory.     
  • Set specific timelines for the bookings you offer – decide what should be seasonal, member’s only, available for a limited time, or all-year-round. Easily determine prices and limitations for all your locations and get an accurate overview.     
  • Manage memberships throughout your entire chain and view how many members you have per location. Create members-only discounts and promotions for particular services and see how many members book the deal. 
pt-ls central for bookings-boost customer service

Boost customer service

Confirm/cancel bookings, reschedule pre-paid reservations, send confirmation emails and updates from the POS. Add comments and attach documents to provide better service and understand guests.
  • Confirm/cancel all bookings in a single reservation straight from the POS and easily move pre-paid bookings to a later date. Send out confirmation emails and updates from the same system.   
  • Know when customers have book packages or promotions and ensure that they receive all the inclusions offered in their booking. You can view what’s included in their booking directly at the POS.     
  • Add comments and attach documents to reservations to help your staff deliver better service and understand guests, such as specific requests/needs or details about returning customers. 
pt-ls central for bookings-simplify your staff life

Simplify your staff’s life

Train employees in one system, store all info in one database. Distribute tasks evenly among staff, assign roles and restrictions, manage access to bookings. 

  • Train your employees to use just one system with a software that stores all your information in one database. Move employees around different sections of your business without having to retrain them in a new department.     
  • Distribute tasks evenly among your staff for a more balanced workload. Check what’s already been assigned and automatically delegate based on the number of tasks each employee has.     
  • Assign roles and restrictions to employees in the system and manage access to bookings based on their position. Search for specific bookings to assist customers quickly and conveniently.  

What our customers say about our software solutions


The decision to implement the LS Retail software solution has laid the foundation for the company's planned growth with a solid system that is capable of enduring the challenges that we will face in the future. We must congratulate Active and its team for their professionalism and for fulfilling their commitments.

Pedro Alcaraz Mayor IT Manager
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We wanted to have total control over the information flows inside and outside the company, in order to offer high standard customer services and optimize our resources. Vascara had been looking at many solutions from different partners to realize this goal. The LS Retail software solution, provided by NaviWorld Vietnam, has marvelously met the management requirements and the specific needs of the company.

Ms. Pham Bao Minh CEO
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The flexibility of LS Retail software allows us to adapt to the customers’ needs and improve their customer service, while keeping up with the constant challenges found in the commerce industry.

George Manolitsis ERP Assistant
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Stop struggling with old-school booking software

Stop struggling with old-school booking software

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