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A complete POS and ERP software for retail jewelry stores

From POS to back-office to inventory management, to loyalty programs and much more. An all-in-one platform to meet all your luxury retail business needs.

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Advanced business management software for jewelry and luxury retail stores

Not just a simple POS system, but a scalable, flexible and complete retail management platform including POS and Microsoft Dynamics ERP. LS Retail software empowers you with all the information you need to make your service more personal, and with concrete, intelligent insights that support smart, data-based business decisions.

Control easily your inventory. Ensure you always have the products your customers are looking for: the system’s extremely accurate stock tracking and replenishment can be optimized per item, or item type.

Manage special orders and custom designs, and give customers the white glove treatment they deserve.

Our software solution is ideal for:

Retailers of luxury items with 10 to 250+ back-office users
National and international watches and jewelry stores
i-luxury fashion
Luxury fashion retail chains, including duty free stores
Businesses needing extremely accurate stock control
Why LS Retail software solutions

Pamper your customers with optimal assortment, flawless service, and personalized products and offers

Run a successful luxury retail chain
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Run a successful luxury retail chain

Centrally manage information for all your stores, online and offline. Set items, prices, offers and promotions easily from the headquarters.

The data is then distributed automatically to all stores, and all sales channels. No inconsistencies, no errors.

Simplify product management, including export declaration and insurance confirmation.

Optimize replenishment per item type
Optimize replenishment per item type

Get a unified, clear and reliable overview of your stock across sales channels and multiple locations, in real-time.

Track easily what’s been sold and what’s available. Set which items should be replenished automatically when they fall below a specific threshold, and which should be reordered manually.

Offer personalized service and loyalty schemes
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Offer personalized service and loyalty schemes

Know your customers’ preferences, and past purchases. Keep track and access details like birthdays, anniversaries, sizes, style preference and more directly from the POS.

Use this information to create exclusive offers or up-sell.

Easily manage your loyalty club and rewards program and encourage repeat business.

Track and report on your key metrics
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Track and report on your key metrics

Access real-time reports based on reliable, complete business data, and make sure you are always on track with your KPIs.

Get accurate and actionable business insights and make smart data-based decisions.

Simplify sales commission management via automations, paying your employees precisely and on time.

Manage made-to-order items
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Manage made-to-order items

Easily track work orders for custom items from request to production, up to the delivery to the customer.

Offer multiple shipping options including click and collect from any location.

Book appointments and consultations
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Book appointments and consultations

Powered by reservations add-on Bookings for LS Central, book services and appointments for personal consultations at the POS or online.

Track work orders for repairs and adjustments at any POS or back office computer.

Plan special events and track registrations and event-related sales and offers at any POS.


Gieves & Hawkes: over 220 outlets worldwide

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"With the LS Retail software solution, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft CRM, Gieves & Hawkes has better, faster access to information across the business and easier control of pricing, promotions, and stock."

Sam Thompson, IT Manager at Gieves & Hawkes Read success story

The software you need to run a successful jewelry and luxury retail store

Powerful software platforms to match all luxury requirements


Unified commerce software
(includes POS and ERP)

LS Central is a fully integrated software solution that combines POS, ERP, loyalty, eCommerce, inventory management (and more!) for jewelries and luxury retail stores.


Software for small retailers
(includes POS and ERP)

LS Express is the online POS and retail software solution for small luxury retail stores (mainly one-store retailers). It is a native app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Don’t miss out on the right software solution for your luxury retail store

Don’t miss out on the right software solution for your luxury retail store

The amount of software solutions on the market can seem overwhelming – but pick the right one and your business is sure to thrive. Not sure where to begin? Here are 7 factors to keep in mind.
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