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Pacific Development Corporation Ltd

In the National Capital Region of Delhi, Pacific Development Corporation Limited are amongst the first to run food courts with multiple players at malls they own.

Business case

The company faced a common challenge. To run their business, they relied on multiple IT systems which did not communicate with each other. While these systems helped Pacific Development Corporation Limited run the main operations, they prevented them from having a clear view of their business, and stifled their growth. By the time they had pulled the data out of their systems to create the necessary reports, they were working with data that was already outdated. They encountered multiple issues:

  • Difficulty tracking sales and profit, due to multiple data sources
  • Inaccurate and outdated reporting process
  • Problems managing prepaid wallets for customers
  • Inability to manage customer loyalty across platforms
  • Difficulties offering promotions and deals
  • Problems with asset management and financial consolidation

The company needed a single system that could bring together all their restaurants, to solve issues arising from siloed data management and to reduce expenses incurred by running multiple systems.

The solution

Pacific Development Corporation Limited evaluated multiple solutions, including asset management solutions like Pathfinder. After seeing LS Retail’s unified software platform for restaurant in use, they decided it was a great fit for their needs. The company realized that LS Retail software solution would help speed up their operations and give them the time to concentrate on the business.

Trident Information Systems, a long-term LS Retail partner, took care of the implementation, and managed to go live in just three and a half months, including training. One of the challenges the company encountered was to integrate the new solution to the various POS solutions used by the concessioners, but this was solved easily and seamlessly thanks to the readily available APIs.


Since implementing LS Retail’s restaurant software, the company has a single version of the truth for all brands. They have managed to develop new and more efficient processes and increase performance of the restaurants in their portfolio. Some other benefits include:

  • Intercompany processes have been automated, both back and front
  • Timely and reliable data for all brands across various food courts in one single location
  • Streamlined reporting, thanks to powerful BI and reporting capabilities
  • Full control over deals and promotion schemes
  • Closed loop wallet management across various food courts
  • Pacific Development Corporation upsell has grown around 10%
  • They can now accept multiple tender types

As malls turn into experiential destinations, food is becoming a key differentiator for mall owners. The next major goals Pacific Development Corporation Limited will be addressing are a self-ordering option, a QR-based catalogue display, an app for remote ordering, as well as integration with Whatsapp to eliminate paper invoices.

They know LS Retail will provide them with the technology they need to meet their goals as a fast-growing and changing business, and that they can rely on the expert support of Trident Information Systems.

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