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Supermarket and grocery POS, ERP and store management software

Our unified platform helps your supermarkets keep quality high and costs low while building customer loyalty.
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All-in-one software for supermarket and grocery chains

Run all your business processes using just one comprehensive software platform for your whole grocery business. Our software solution consists of a combined POS, ERP, loyalty, and omni-channel retail platform that’s trusted by supermarket chains across the globe.

Maintain complete overview and control over what’s going on in your physical and online supermarket stores, boost loyalty, cut queues, offer personalized offers and campaigns on every sales channel, optimize pricing, and much more.

Our supermarket software solution is ideal for:

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Groceries with 10 to 250+ back-office users
Hypermarket chains
Convenience stores
Supermarkets with a deli, café, or takeaway counter
Why LS Retail software solutions

Grocery store software that grows with your business

Self-scanning, contactless and traditional shopping
Self-scanning, contactless and traditional shopping
  • Offer manned checkouts, self-service checkouts, or a mix, or customize it in each location.
  • Let customers scan products and check out on their personal mobile device using the ScanPayGo app.
  • Allow customers to order online and choose whether they want to pick up their store or have it sent home.
Automated product replenishment
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Automated product replenishment
  • Reduce the risk of out of stocks while keeping inventory levels low, and minimize waste and spoilage.
  • Effectively replenish products with very different lifecycles.
  • Use automations to reorder exactly the items you need to maximize sales.
  • Manage inventory tasks on stationary and handheld devices.
Built-in loyalty programs, offers, and promotions
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Built-in loyalty programs, offers, and promotions
  • Set prices, offers and promotions once, centrally – the system automatically updates all touchpoints, including POS, electronic labels, and eCommerce site.
  • Offer a loyalty program with tiers, rewards, points, and special promotions.
  • Use reports and analytics to optimize your campaigns.
Seamless system for your store, deli, café and bakery
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Seamless system for your store, deli, café and bakery
  • Manage food preparation, kitchen, recipes and even table service with the same software solution you use for the rest of your business.
  • Get all the industry functionality you need, from scales integration to electronic shelf labels, to automated discounts on food close to expiry, and more.
Consistent eCommerce and in-person experiences
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Consistent eCommerce and in-person experiences
  • Let your customers shop where and when they prefer with built-in eCommerce tools that include support for online checkout, store pickup and delivery.
  • Offer a consistent, personalized experience throughout all your sales channels no matter if in-store or online.
Complete overview of your data
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Complete overview of your data
  • Keep a close eye on your KPIs and make better decisions with real-time reports and AI-based insights.
  • Look up data in real time from the POS to the back office and vice versa, to guarantee smooth operations, payments and transactions.

Flannerys chose LS Retail software solutions

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“With a complete system managing finance, warehouse, procurement, payroll, POS and retail, and in the future e-commerce and omni-channel, it was the logical choice to work with the best solution in the market.”

Steve Parsonage Read success story

Find your supermarket software solution

Whichever your goals are, our software solutions can help you get there


Unified commerce software
(includes POS and ERP)

LS Central is a fully integrated software solution that combines POS, ERP, loyalty, eCommerce, and more capabilities for grocery store and supermarket chains.


Retail system for small retailers
(includes POS and ERP)

LS Express is the online POS and retail software solution for one-store retailers. It is a native app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


How to select a POS and ERP system for your supermarket chain

How can you find software that keeps your grocery chain resilient in the face of tomorrow’s challenges? Here are the 7 factors to look for.

Get all your questions answered

Choosing the right business management software for your grocery store or supermarket can be a challenging experience, but we are here to help every step of the way. Just contact us!

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