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Staff management software add-on to maximize productivity in your workforce

Optimize scheduling, ensure optimal staffing levels, reduce errors, improve operational efficiency and make data-driven decisions for staff optimization


Accurately schedule and communicate with employees using Staff Management for LS Central

If you’re still manually drafting your employees’ schedules, writing down vacation days, or sifting through dozens of employee contacts just to find an available staff member last-minute – you might find yourself understaffed or overstaffed more often than not. Without a clear view of your employees, their daily tasks, and availability, you can't plan the workdays as efficiently as you should. Workforce management software makes it easier to facilitate team communication and empowers managers to carefully plan within the budget.

The add-on Staff Management for LS Central allows you to plan and distribute staff rosters, oversee and approve work hours, handle absences (like vacation or sick days) easily, and gain a single view of timetables and costs, and how they compare to budget – all within the same software platform. Make full use of the staff you have without overworking your employees and improve productivity with a happier staff.

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Set up a winning team with the right workforce management software

Reduce manual work
pt-staff management for ls central-reduce manual work

Reduce manual work

Effectively manage your staff using the same software employed to run all the other aspects of your business, from POS to inventory, to financials and loyalty. Simplify planning through robust automation, enabling efficient employee assignments and ensuring adherence to budgetary constraints.

  • Automate staffing and distribution planning based on conditions, including employee availability. Easily adjust role budgets, oversee and approve work hours throughout the whole business – and do it all on the same system you use to run your business.
  • Track worked hours and salary costs in real time compared to the plan – no need to compare different sets of information. Staff Management for LS Central can also be integrated with any third-party salary system to ensure budgets are met and costly errors are avoided.
  • Give managers the ability to more easily compare planned costs to actual costs, allowing them to also spot errors or fraudulent activity in any area of your business, such as time registration, budgeting, or planning, remedy any issues as soon as they arise, and take necessary actions.
pt-staff management for ls central-Communicate information clearly

Communicate information clearly

Make it easier for your staff and managers to keep track of working hours and stay on top of weekly schedules. Let employees see their assigned days, make comments, and request vacation or sick days on the same platform.

  • The employee portal lets your staff see upcoming shifts and review schedules, request work on specific days or ask for shift changes/time off. Managers will get alerted about requests and can choose to accept or decline.
  • Access the portal with a mobile phone or web browser – managers and employees can monitor hours, leave comments, get alerts about schedule updates and changes, and communicate easily through the portal.
  • Employees can register hours easy and fast by clocking in/out at the PC or POS with an employee card, staff ID number, eye scanner, or fingerprint scanner – each one with a designated role or work code.
pt-staff management for ls central-Plan resources effectively

Plan resources effectively

Always ensure you have the right number of staff to meet the day’s demand and use historical sales to figure out peak times as well as your most profitable days to avoid staffing errors that could affect your customers and sales.

  • Plan the optimal number of employees in each role per day, location, and shift to ensure you’re never understaffed or overstaffed on any given day – and plan ahead for holidays or special events.
  • Use sales history and warehouse activity to predict sales traffic on particular days and make sure your staff is equipped with the right tools and assistance to provide optimal service.
  • Easily make last minute changes to schedules or reassign employees to different section if you need more hands on deck – with a flexible software you’re able to problem solve quickly.

What our customers say about our software solutions

Saleh & Hasan Noori

We decided to choose the LS Retail software solution after an in-depth technical evaluation of the software's features. We are glad that the decision has turned out to be a successful one and that our organization's business processes are now mapped onto an enterprise-wide software solution.

Mohammed Albatati IT Manager
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Looking to add powerful employee management software?

Managing an entire team of employees can be an overwhelming task, but with Staff Management for LS Central, you get access to intelligent scheduling and planning capabilities that will help you foster a stronger, more efficient team for the long-term. Have questions? Just contact us!

Accurate, better and easier staff planning is just one click away

Accurate, better and easier staff planning is just one click away

Managing your staff doesn't need to be a manual, tedious task. Discover how the right software tool can give you back time to focus on what really matters.
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