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eCommerce add-on to help you deliver a consistent experience online and offline

Be an omni-channel retailer, offer a personalized customer journey whenever and wherever shoppers want to buy, and simplify your daily tasks with a unified software solution 

eCommerce for LS Central is
ideal for:

Retailers with physical and online stores
i-qsr restaurant
Restaurants and food service businesses
Pharmacies and health and beauty stores
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Hotels, resorts, and hospitality businesses

Offer a consistent shopping experience at every touchpoint with eCommerce for LS Central

The best way to run your eCommerce platform is with the same retail software solution you already use to manage the rest of your retail business. With the eCommerce for LS Central functionality, you can simplify your omni-channel offering, and at the same time give your customers the freedom to choose when, where, and how to do business with you. 

Give customers access to real-time stock availability on your website, let them order items for pick up or delivery, and view personalized recommendations, special offers, and promotions. Whatever your omni-channel strategy, you can easily deliver it when you use one software solution that unifies all sales channels.

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Easily connect your online and physical stores with a powerful eCommerce software solution

Omni-channel made easy
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Omni-channel made easy

Allow customers to choose how they can browse and buy your products and services by offering a unified shopping experience on all sales channels, both online and offline.

  • Let your customers decide where, when, and how they shop with you – keep all your channels in sync by managing them all on the same software platform. 
  • Offer click and collect and BOPIS easily. Let customers choose to buy online and get items delivered or return/exchange online items at physical stores.   
  • Give customers the option to collect loyalty points when they purchase items online or redeem online rewards. Keep track of what they buy to improve your offering. 

Keep information consistent

Manage your business more efficiently and easily thanks to a one-database software solution. Connect your online and physical stores in real-time with consistent, up-to-date and centrally-managed information. No human errors, no time wasted aligning data.

  • Store all your business information in one database and connect your online and physical stores. Communicate with your eCommerce portal in real-time. No need to import data – the system does it automatically, keeping your website consistent and up to date.   
  • Offer better deals online for specific products or run online-only promotions – and update them automatically in the system. Control all your prices and promotions centrally from the same system, automatically updating changes you make to some or all your sales channels.   
  • Keep your inventory consistent across all channels, whether you sell online or in-store. Ensure that item quantities match up at every touchpoint and let your customers check real-time stock availability online, per location before deciding where to shop. 
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Get a clear view of your business

Easily integrate with third-party eCommerce platforms. Prepare for peak traffic with ease. Take data-driven decisions based on reliable information and your customers' shopping preferences. 

  • Use a pre-set integration to your eCommerce site and easily integrate to some of the best-known third-party eCommerce platforms such as Adobe Commerce or Shopify – no time wasted, no costly integrations, zero effort.   
  • Bridge the online-offline gap and sell anytime, anywhere. Let your customers access your eCommerce website from any device and shop with ease. Get a clear overview of your customers and discover how they shop.  
  • Always make sure your eCommerce website is ready to scale – preparing to experience a sudden boost in traffic due to an online sale? Upgrade to the cloud and handle peaks in traffic easily and effectively. 

What our customers say about our software solutions

The LS Retail software solution has helped us expand our business in the sporting goods retail sector and strengthen our internal business processes.
Pak Aminta Director
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The Baby's Corner

We now have an all-in-one software platform. Financial management, customer management and online store are centralized, which saves us time.

Sonia Pypaert Managing Director and founder
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LS Retail allows us to dispatch the right material, at the right time, to the right shop, and in the exact amount as needed. And more important, the replenishment functionality makes sure that everything is stored and shipped automatically.

Tom Vermeylen CFO
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Want better omni-channel management?

If you’re looking for an effective eCommerce software solution that can seamlessly connect your online and physical stores, but you aren’t sure where to start – don’t worry! We can help. Just contact us! 

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