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Safer, faster, better pharmacy management, dispensing and customer care

Optimally handle prescriptions, drugs, and health & beauty products with one unified software solution for your pharmacy

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Dispensing, retail software & pharmacy ERP in one software solution

A single software that covers all daily pharmacy routines promoting customer safety and satisfaction

LS Central for pharmacies is an effective, all-in-one pharmacy software system built on LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. You can manage various types of prescriptions, handle drugs effectively, and keep track of the levels of pharmaceutical stock across all stores. At the same time, you can also handle retail items (including pricing, replenishment, campaigns/promotions, loyalty, etc.), manage appointments and reservations, and finalize sales at the POS.

LS Central for pharmacies is an international, modular solution with global availability.

LS Central for pharmacies
is ideal for:

Pharmacy chains with 10 to 250+ software users that want to expand rapidly
Drugstores that sell prescription medicines, beauty products and other services
Apothecaries and chemists looking for a single software to manage all operations
Why LS Retail Software

A modular platform that supports the needs of your pharmacy


Do you need a dispensing software with in-depth medication management? You can buy the pharmacy module on its own, with or without the country integration or specialized retail functionality.

Do you need retail functionality, with point of sale, offers and promotions, loyalty, etc.? You can add it to your system.

Thanks to the modular design, all the separate components work seamlessly as a single, unified system, so you can manage your whole business – financials, dispensing, customers, retail and pharmaceutical items – all in one platform.

Do you have ambitious growth plans? That's great! The modular architecture enables you to upgrade and expand the system without a major upgrade project.

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Standardize all your internal processes with just one pharmacy management system



Easily manage prescriptions, insurance plans, customer security, and more. Be confident that your customers receive the correct medication, in the correct quantity, for the correct price. 
  • Effectively handle all types of prescriptions, including paper prescriptions, e-prescriptions, veterinary prescriptions, and more. You can also offer customers generic equivalents or parallel substitutions for pharmaceuticals if other brands are out of stock.     
  • Track expiry dates to reduce waste on medications, keep track of recalls, and print out reports to ensure customer safety and keep them informed. You can also easily register different insurance plans within the system to look up your customers’ coverage and bill them correctly.   
  • Comply with the strictest customer safety regulations using the pick control, FMD control, and pharmacy-specific user permission functions, and print labels, to help your staff accurately dispense medications and give them to the correct customers in the proper dosage. 
  • Enter and search products using different dimensions, including substance, ATC group, strength, classification, warning text, product description, quantity in pack, daily dose, and more, with the powerful search functionality and reduce the length of time needed to order items.  


With special retail functionality, you can easily sell and manage health and beauty products on the same platform as your pharmacy. Discover what your customers are buying and help them complete their purchases. 

  • Manage retail items on the same platform you use for dispensing. If customers are buying health and beauty items, or over-the-counter medications, along with their prescription, you can easily complete their purchase on the same POS.     
  • Keep track of what’s selling best across all your locations using Analytics for LS Central. Understand what customers are buying and keep popular items in stock. Send personalized offers or coupons straight to your customers to encourage repeat purchases.     
  • Create a loyalty program and send customers rewards based on how frequently they make purchases or by their level of membership. Track which rewards customers redeem the most to get better insights for future rewards and promotions. 


Keep your inventory in check with powerful automations that will help you keep items on shelves and optimize how much and how often you reorder.

  • Track and manage your stock across all your stores. You can easily view the inventory available in your other pharmacies and request an item transfer to your customer’s preferred location to avoid missing out on sales due to out-of-stocks.     
  • Sophisticated replenishment tools for both pharmaceutical and retail items allow you to automate replenishment for specific items, item groups, or locations – control your stock accurately and ensure you’re ordering exactly the number of items you need.  
  •  Manage appointments on the same platform that you manage pharmacy using Bookings for LS Central. Offer specialized services and let customers book their preferred location, day, and time. Keep track of availability and cancellations. 
pt-analytics for ls central-access insights quickly


Get advanced data analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) with the Analytics for LS Central functionality. Spot trends in customer buying habits and let the software help you figure out where you can drive revenue and minimize loss.

  • Figure out which items in your stores are slow-sellers and determine whether they might sell better in another location. Transfer items between all your stores to optimize sales or to balance out your inventory.  
  • Easily interact with your data in an intuitive, graphical interface. View your dashboards and reports on your browser, without special hardware, and securely access real-time business data from anywhere.     
  • Compare locations using current information to see how which of your stores are performing well or where you might need support. Set alerts for specific KPIs and react quickly to changes and new opportunities. 


Connect your online and physical stores and give your customers more convenience with how they order and easily keep track of all purchases with the same platform.

  • Make it easier for customers to order their prescriptions on your eCommerce website and choose to have them delivered at home or via click and collect at their preferred pharmacy location. They can also easily check if a specific item is available and which of your locations have it stocked.   
  • Allow customers to set up a subscription to their prescriptions, nutritional supplements, or any other item so they don’t have to worry about repurchasing the same item on their own. Send customers confirmation of their subscription as well as reminders.     
  • Let customers book appointments online or via mobile for any health or pharmaceutical service. They can see available appointments, receive notifications to remind them of their appointment, and cancel their appointments online, on the phone, or in person. 


Gain access to all the benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. LS Central and Business Central work as one software, so you can work efficiently in a single, consistent environment.

  • Work with the whole Microsoft 365 suite of applications, from Office 356 to PowerApps. Finish your tasks faster and don’t waste time accessing information manually from separate systems.
  • Access data that matters according to your business role. Administrators can define and manage what users can see and do in the user interface. Business Central also supports 25 languages for international businesses.   
  • Manage all your prices and item quantities centrally and automatically update changes throughout your entire business. You can even choose if changes should apply to all or only some of your locations.  
  • Keep your data stored securely in the Microsoft Cloud and get real-time access to all your data, which can be accessed from anywhere on any Windows, Android, or iOS device.     
  • Keep track of all your financials and speed up financial closing and reporting. Track your costs, revenue, and profit with general ledger (GL) and account schedules reporting.      
  • Simplify operations across your supply chain. Get clear visibility across purchasing, manufacturing, and stock. Optimize your storage facilities and make sure you produce within your capacity. 


Offer healthcare services such as mole scanning, vaccinations or blood pressure checks. With Bookings for LS Central you can manage appointments, bookings and relative resources (such as rooms and specialists) within the same system you use to handle prescription and retail items.

Your employees can:
  • See an overview of all appointments the pharmacy has on a specific time period with client data, booking history and sales history
  • Set up and handle pricing, availability, schedules and capacity​
  • Define and manage required resources (for example room, specialist, equipment, drug) ​
  • Reserve a timeslot for an appointment in advance
  • Book and cancel appointments
Your customers can:
  • Book appointments online, via phone or in a pharmacy for a health or pharmaceutical service
  • See available appointments per type of service, per specialist and per pharmacy location
  • Get confirmation of a booked appointment
  • Receive a notification reminder that an appointment is approaching
  • Cancel appointments online, via phone or in person
data consistency & integrity

Put your customers’ needs at the center

Identify customers
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Identify customers

Find each customer in the system by name, address, or SSN straight at the POS. Depending on your permission level, you may also have access to more sensitive information.

Manage prescriptions & technical controls
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Manage prescriptions & technical controls

Download the customer’s e-prescription, or add the paper prescription manually. Process the information, and note if the requested item was substituted with an equivalent medication.

Pick items, print labels & do the final controls
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Pick items, print labels & do the final controls

The pick control functionality ensures that the correct medication was picked, and that it’s delivered in the issued amount.

Add health & beauty items
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Add health & beauty items

Add beauty and skincare products, over-the-counter medications and healthcare items in the same transaction and within the same system used to manage prescription items.

Manage appointments
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Manage appointments

Check time availability and book or cancel appointments for services such as blood pressure monitoring or vaccinations within the same software solution.

Take the payment
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Take the payment

With LS Central for pharmacy you can accept various payment methods and offer secure transactions online and in-store, in compliance with international regulations.


What our customers say about our pharmacy software solutions


When Pennywise Cosmetics decided to switch from a fully manual system to a computerized one, the LS Retail software solution and Microsoft Dynamic seemed like a perfect fit for the company. The transition was smooth and with the help of the team at Davyn it has been one of the best steps forward that we have made. The program’s capabilities made our recent opening of three pharmacies within our stores very easy. We are completely satisfied with our choice.

Dr. Shivum Paladee Associate Director
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Omega Pharma Spain S.A.

The integration of the LS Retail software solution with Microsoft Dynamics has given us access to information from each store within our ERP (daily sales, campaign follow up, promotions and marketing actions at the Point of Sale), consolidating the information in our information systems for the decision making.

Xavier Gracia i Lacalle CIO
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Rama Medicare

The implementation of Retail Pharmacy requires exhaustive understanding of the product as well as the operations of the business. DVS and RCS Global customized the internationally proven LS Retail suite of solutions for successful operation of our stores.

Rohit Rajput IT Manager
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7 important topics to consider when selecting pharmacy software

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