LS One, point of sale system

LS One is a point of sale (POS) solution with specialized functionality for retail and hospitality. The last major version of the software was released in February 2022. LS One is now in maintenance mode: this means that while it is still supported, no more new features will be released.

A POS with retail and
hospitality functionality

LS One includes

Retail and hospitality POS

Sales, payments, promotions, and more for retail and hospitality.

Mobile POS and inventory

Manage sales and inventory processes from mobile devices.

Back office

Configure information, manage operations and see your data.

Integration framework

Connect to different eCommerce, ERP, or accounting solutions.



What if I am a current LS One customer?

LS Retail will continue to offer support to customers using LS One who are on active maintenance for several years
after the date of the last major release.
LS One customers who are active on maintenance can also upgrade to the latest version, and continue to add to their license.

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