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Run hotels, restaurants, stores and services with one single software solution

From POS to financials, to bookings, to loyalty programs, to F&B and much more. Experience the luxury of one single software system that does it all.

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Deliver superior experiences with our enterprise-wide solution

Cut out long queues and increase customer satisfaction with a software solution that supports self-service without sacrificing your brand’s personalized touch. LS Retail’s POS and ERP software helps you serve customers more efficiently by giving you a complete overview of your daily sales and operations with just a single software platform.

Keep up your inventory and replenishment with powerful automations to help you make the most out of your stock and order accurately. And, with the hospitality and retail-specific functionality, you can easily manage all your services – whether it’s room bookings, restaurant reservations, ticketing, rentals, etc. – and be sure you’re delivering on your promises to your customers.

Our hospitality software solution is ideal for:

i-large resort
Large resorts and casinos
i-health resort
Wellness hotels and health retreats
i-mixed business
Hotels that also operate stores and restaurants
i-theme park
Small to mid-size theme or amusement parks
Why LS Retail software solutions

A holistic software solution for theme parks, casinos, hotels and resorts

Keep track of guest profiles to deliver personal service
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Keep track of guest profiles to deliver personal service

Recognize and acknowledge returning guests. Keep track of each customer’s past interactions and preferences, from previous spa bookings to favorite drinks at the bar and beyond.

Use intelligent analytics tools to see previous activity from returning guests and to create a more personalized guest experience.  

Create custom packages to improve guest experiences
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Create custom packages to improve guest experiences

Sell package deals to your guests for special occasions or to help drive sales – combine a three day stay with a premium hotel room plus spa and dinner reservations at a price guests won’t want to refuse.

You can also send promotions to new and returning guests and track the effects as well as manage loyalty programs and rewards. 

Manage multiple properties using the same platform
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Manage multiple properties using the same platform

Manage an international chain with different locations all on the same software platform. 

Our software is available in multiple languages and supports various currencies, tax structures, and rules.

You can also work from anywhere; the software lets you keep track of business from any mobile device. 

View real-time reservation and room statuses
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View real-time reservation and room statuses

Give your employees full visibility over the reservations for each day and make it easier for them to spot guests that have checked in/out or no-showed with a distinguishable color code. Leave detailed notes under each reservation, such as special needs or dietary preferences, to prepare the next person on shift. And see room and housekeeping statuses in real-time to stay informed for the next arrivals. 

Settle payments even when guests are off property
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Settle payments even when guests are off property

Closing the bill has never been easier – you can automatically settle payment for your guests if the paid balance and reservation balance are equal – no need for the guest to be present.

You can also split charges on different invoices so your guests can choose to share costs or split payment between credit cards. 

Lower operational costs and make the most of your staff
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Lower operational costs and make the most of your staff

Get access to real-time data metrics to accurately manage your budget as well as reduce manual errors and costly setbacks.

Plan staffing based on demand to ensure you always have the right amount of employees attending to your guests and train them with the same system so they can work in any area of your business.

Manage ticketing and reservations together
Manage ticketing and reservations together

Sell and manage tickets, restaurant reservations, and activities for your guests and add charges on the same system.

See what your guests have booked on their reservation and make suggestions, reminders, transportation arrangements, etc., to ensure you’re providing the highest level of customer service. 

Stay on top your inventory and know what you need
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Stay on top your inventory and know what you need

Always keep track of the stock you have on hand, no matter if its ingredients for your restaurant, souvenir products in your retail store, or equipment rentals – you can manage it all on the same platform and get accurate, real-time information on what you should restock and what you need to reorder to help you reduce waste.


The Blue Lagoon - Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Spa and Resort in Iceland runs two hotels, multiple restaurants, activities, and retail businesses with LS Retail software solutions.


The software you need to match your high standards

A flexible software platform to manage retail, hospitality, activities
and more, all-in-one.

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Complete hotel management system

Run your hotels, restaurants, shops, and event business within just one software platform. From PMS to F&B, to retail, to booking spa treatments and more, everything is easily managed through one unified software solution.

Get all your questions answered

Choosing the right business management software for your resort, amusement park or casino, can be challenging, but we are here to help and assist you every step of the way. Just contact us!

Stop losing guests to poor hotel experiences! Win guest loyalty with these successful strategies

Stop losing guests to poor hotel experiences! Win guest loyalty with these successful strategies

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