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Enterprise resource planning

LS First Hospitality is built on trusted Microsoft Dynamics ERP, so you can easily manage tasks ranging from
financial management, to human resources, to warehouses and manufacturing.

The on-premises version is entirely developed on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail,
while the SaaS version is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

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Holistic overview of the operation

LS First Hospitality is a unified solution that gives you a full field of vision across your entire business. Information flows timely throughout the whole organization: from the Kitchen Display Stations, to the Point of Sale (including end-of-day operations), to inventory and production control — all the way to the reports and business intelligence cubes in the Dynamics 365 role centers, for the eyes of the individual branch managers and the main executives at headquarters.

Increased financial control

Increase your insights into your financial organization and streamline your financial planning and performance management. Attend closely to your cash flow, manage risks and costs across your operation and increase your bottom line using the powerful tools offered by the Microsoft Dynamics ERP.


Timely availability with Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain management

Increase the availability of items on your menu, make your customers happy and increase your bottom line by having full control and real-time view of your supply chain processes. With LS First Hospitality you can coordinate and integrate the flow of materials, information and finances from your suppliers to your central manufacturing operations, or even straight to your restaurants.

Human resource management

Efficiently manage and organize your labor force with LS First Hospitality’s functionality-rich Human Capital Management system. Handle easily and rapidly many human resource-related tasks, such as recruitment and selection processes, staff training and performance management.


Incorporate business agility into your operations

Planning to expand? LS First Hospitality will grow with your business, providing you with benefits all the way. Add restaurants locations and distribution centers from headquarters, and capitalize on three-tier architecture, web service framework and the integration with other Microsoft products.

You have questions, we have answers

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