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Nik Bakers

Offering a wide selection of cakes, breads, biscuits, and other savory delights, Nik Bakers has baked their success story in North India. No ordinary cafe and bakery, Nik Bakers promises its customers will fall in love with both the food and the baker.

In addition to delicious food, Nik Bakers has strived since its founding to offer employment opportunities to women. Currently 95% of the company’s workforce are women, and 80% of them are new to baking when they begin their employment at the company. Through sharing their love of baking, Nik Bakers is dedicated to giving back to their community.

The business case:

Before switching to LS Retail software, Nik Bakers faced numerous challenges juggling multiple systems such as Tally ERP, spreadsheets, email, and a local POS solution. The systems were sometimes unreliable as well, with the company recalling: “Our inventory was haywire, we could never see the real status of products at the outlets.” Supply chain planning was stated to be “a tedious task”, with stocks often running out in the evenings, which required various communications for replenishment. Nik Bakers realized they needed a reliable, comprehensive system in order to able to focus on the aspects of the business that they loved.

The solution:

Nik bakers believes in customer satisfaction and product availability. In order to achieve both, they began looking for an all-in-one solution that could efficiently keep up with their scale and provide a wide variety of features. After viewing multiple demos of other solutions, the company was shown LS Retail, which they deemed above the competition. Nik Bakers concluded that “The unified front office, back office, loyalty, promotions, KDS, replenishment, were the key differentiators, and a reason to choose LS Retail”.

The implementation process was wrapped up in about 3 months’ time, with Nik Bakers recalling the process as “quite smooth”. Nik Bakers had unique challenges for developing their master data and change management the way they wanted it, and employees with various degrees of technical skills that required LS Retail support for setup. Trident Information System, a local LS Retail partner, supported the implementation professionally. When asking Nik Bakers if they faced any challenges, they told us the “guidance from our chosen partner has helped us overcome it and go live”.


By using one single system, Nik Bakers now enjoys:

  • Consolidated finance for posting, which simplifies and speeds up reconciliation
  • Seamless management of discounts, promotions, loyalty schemes and corporate discounts
  • Controlled costs via recipe management, which makes it easier to upsize and downsize
  • Reliable inventory data is provided by the realistic indent and replenishment engine
  • Replenishment is now linked directly to the POS, making it faster and easier
  • Planning is easier, as B2B orders are fed directly into the POS and replicated at the base kitchen
  • Smart shipment planning with predictive sale forecast data

Thanks to the scalability of the LS Retail software and the width and breadth of functionality, Nik Bakers is confident about their future in an ever-changing landscape. “Features which we may want to use tomorrow are already in the solution, hence we will not be forced to change the solution or look for alternatives,” they said.

Nik Bakers

We used to have lots of challenges with indenting, replenishment, planning, and inter-store transfer. With LS Retail software we were able to manage it quite efficiently. We reduced around 15% of stock without compromising sales. Our revenues increased by 10% in the first year, and 25% in the second year.

, Managing director

LS Retail implementation partner

Trident Information Systems

Trident Information Systems is one of the leading global providers of Information Technology services and business solutions with a proven track record of over 15 years.

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