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Frequently asked questions

How much can a business expect to pay to implement
LS Central?

Implementation costs can vary based on multiple factors such as location, business size, complexity, specific needs, and additional services required. Providing a precise estimate is challenging due to the diverse nature of these variables, and any values mentioned here are not binding. However, to offer a very indicative overview:

  • Small business (few users, basic requirements): Implementation costs may range from $10,000 to $35,000+
  • Medium-sized business (more users, additional requirements): Implementation costs can vary between $35,000+ and $80,000+
  • Larger businesses or complex requirements: implementation costs starting from $80,000+.
Can I access a free trial?

We do not offer free trials. We understand that each business has unique needs and requirements. A standardized trial may not fully showcase or fulfill all of those specific needs and conditions. Instead, you can book a demo or schedule a call with our sales team. This way, we can ensure that our solutions are a good fit for your business and find the best software that suits your needs.

Do you sell hardware too?

We do not offer hardware, however our partners might. Simply inform us about your specific requirements, and we will connect you with the appropriate partner company that can cater to your needs. Our software solutions are designed to be compatible with various device types, including Windows/IOS devices, tablets, and mobile POS terminals. For technical requirements please check

I requested a demo/estimate, what is going to happen now?

We operate globally through a network of partner companies, which specialize in implementing and localizing our software solutions. Once you submit your request, our sales team will carefully assess it and assign it to the most suitable partner that can assist you best. Our representative will then reach out to you to discuss the next steps. If your request is urgent, or you do not receive the reply you were hoping for, feel free to contact us.

Ready to receive a personalized quote?

Our sales experts are eager to provide you with a personalized quote that aligns perfectly with your requirements. Don't miss out—reach out now for a conversation that could transform your business.

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