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Scandlines - Ferry and Travel Shop


About Scandlines

Scandlines was founded in 1998 and is one of Europe’s largest ferry companies. On its three short, high-frequency, high-capacity ferry routes between Denmark, Sweden and Germany, Scandlines offers an efficient and reliable transport service for both passengers and cargo customers. In 2013, Scandlines transported 11 million passengers, 2.5 million cars and 700,000 cargo units on its Rødby-Puttgarden, Gedser-Rostock and Elsinore-Helsingborg routes.

The case

Just 45 minutes – that’s how quick the journey is on the Rødby-Puttgarden route run by Scandlines. In this short time, passengers should ideally manage both to eat in the on-board restaurant and buy items in the Travel Shop. When they reach their destination, they must also have the option of purchasing more items and picking up pre-ordered goods in the BorderShop – largely irrespective of which of Scandlines’ 60 daily departures they choose. Not only does this require an efficient till system, it requires a complete and integrated on-board sales system to ensure that the menus and retail products required by customers are always available and that there are neither too few nor too many of them. LS Nav for Microsoft Dynamics NAV from CGI is the right system for the job. That is why Scandlines has now chosen the solution for its ferries on the Rødby-Puttgarden and Gedser-Rostock routes. “Our requirements for managing the business down to a detailed level are increasing all the time. And the speed with which we need data is also increasing to ensure that we are always managing the business well. We have to have the right sales mix. We have to know our costs, know where sales are being generated and understand underlying shopping patterns,” explains Henrik Ingemand, Vice President Catering, Scandlines. Mikael Kragh, IT Manager, Scandlines, gives his view of the choice of LS Nav: “Our existing till system is ten years old. It is no longer being maintained and supported. It has been described as a cigar box with a screen. We wanted a modern and future-proof standard solution based on best practice, to give us the management tools we needed. It also had to be possible to integrate it with our IT infrastructure, including SAP.”

Add-ons out of the box

According to Henrik Ingemand, several things convinced Scandlines about the choice of LS Nav as a solution and CGI as a partner: “It is important to understand that retail and catering are two different things. Retail is very much based on pay per scan while catering includes the whole aspect of production. It is not a case of ‘one size fits all’. CGI demonstrated this understanding at their initial workshops." “There are also standard processes for Loss Prevention,” said Mikael Kragh, who added: “In the selection process…, CGI brought along a demo system on which they completed live transactions. That was brave – because we have seen that kind of thing fail before.”

Budget management tool

In the area of catering, LS Nav offers menu management, food planning, tracking of raw ingredients and display management of e.g. sandwiches. Henrik Ingemand highlights how LS Nav will replace pen and paper in the management of table reservations on the Gedser-Rostock route. But Henrik’s attention is focused first and foremost on all the data provided by LS Nav: “We will have a system that is able actively to feed data into our finance system. This will be a great management tool in our budgeting. When we are able to see sales patterns, we will be able to use them actively in our budgeting.” Henrik continues: “The system offers Business Intelligence both vertically and horizontally. We will be able to track our business right down to unit level in terms of sales, resources and costs – just as we will be able to track the performance of a concept in several locations on the ship. As for the horizontal level, there is the whole area of product management where we will be able to pick products and categories to see how they are working which is very interesting in terms of a loyalty program. Add to that the system’s options for access to capacity nuances which can be used in our duty rota planning.”

Loyalty program with points payment

With Travel Shops on board the ferries and BorderShops in both Puttgarden and Rostock, the retail section of the business is very demanding. LS Nav is capable of meeting these demands. According to Mikael Kragh: “One of the most important considerations is that our front-end activities in LS Nav are deeply integrated with the Supply Chain process so that items are topped up continuously and we do not risk being sold out when a busload of customers comes along.” Border Shops, the website where customers are able to order items in advance for collection, will become an integrated part of LS Nav: “This automates the process. It is also a great advantage that we only need to maintain product catalogues, product descriptions, prices and image catalogue in a single location.” Scandlines has a SMILE Card loyalty program which allows customers to accumulate points and use them as payment on board the ferries and in the BorderShops. So far, this has been done with vouchers. But the till employees have not been able to validate them. In future, customers will be able to pay with vouchers, SMILE Cards and standard payment solutions. “It’s all about speed of service. Employees in catering and retail should not be spending their time on validation. Our ferry journeys are short, and customers need to be given the best possible experience,” emphasises Henrik Ingemand, adding: “We wanted a modern and future-proof standard solution, with best practice.”

Benefits for Scandlines: A summary

  • Standard solution for both retail and catering
  • Integration with SAP
  • Enhanced budgeting and monitoring
  • All required data for Business Intelligence
  • Complete loyalty programme with app, website, Member Management and option of targeted campaigns
  • Enhanced catering services with table reservation, menu management, food planning, raw ingredients tracking and display management
  • Strengthened retail with integration with the supply chain
  • Management of VAT and duties according to whether the ferry is in Danish or German waters

What also convinced me was the many add-ons that the solution has, right out of the box, including an app with a webshop and loyalty programme as well as Member Management.

Mikael Kragh, IT Manager, Scandlines

The system provides an enhanced overview of busy departures – and we will have the option of working more actively with advance booking of catering services

Henrik Ingemand, Vice President Catering, Scandlines

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