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DFDS, expert in European cruises and ferry crossings, provides transportation and logistics solutions all over Europe and has been in the business for more than 150 years.

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DFDS chose LS Retail to manage operations and transactions on their passenger routes for a total of 18 vessels, and started the implementation in 2018. They selected LS Retail because they wanted a seamless integration between the booking platform and the point-of-sale system.

The goal is to have one point of sale system on all vessels, which can easily support the retail and hospitality needs of the company. In this way, shops and food service businesses on board can be managed through one unified and complete software system.

“We selected LS Retail because we needed one unified software platform that our 600 crew members can use to support our more than 6 million passengers a year” says Martin Ebbesen, Head of Business Applications at DFDS.

With LS Retail, DFDS managed to automate a lot of manual processes, saving time and money on a daily basis.


LS Retail, including its mobile POS and mobile inventory capabilities, will enable us to support the digital strategy in the DFDS group now and in the future.

Martin Ebbesen, Head of Business Applications