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LS Central is a modern, complete, robust and highly adaptable software solution that combines functionality, simplicity and value for money. Regardless of your industry, LS Central adeptly meets your needs and helps you satisfy your customer expectations by making it easier, simpler and faster for customers to buy your products and services.
What sets LS Central apart from other solutions is its unique use of one single application to cover the Point of Sale (POS), mobile, store systems, inventory, merchandising, e-commerce as well as all the back office functions required at head office.

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Choosing the right business management software for your small and medium retail stores can be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help and assist you in answering your questions. Just contact us!

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Transa: leading sport and outdoor retailer in Switzerland

All the technical optimizations we have implemented with the help of Acommit and LS Retail have prepared us for any challenges the future may bring.

—  Curdin Pfister, Application Manager Transa Backpacking AG

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