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In the GrandOptical stores in Greece, customers can find high quality eyewear products at a good price. The GrandOptical employees are trained to offer clear and expert service and vision consultations. GrandOptical is a proud member of GrandVision, a leading international network of optical products operating over 6,000 stores in more than 40 countries. At GrandOptical, customers can expect committed service, exclusive frames, and a wide range of lenses developed by their elite pharmaceutical partners.

The business case:

GrandOptical used to run on an old version of Navision in the cloud, which had been integrated with an outdated POS solution running on premises. The system was complex to use, making the job harder for employees.

Because the software was so obsolete, GrandOptical couldn’t make any configurations or create the interfaces they needed. They were also unable to offer the omni-channel shopping experiences customer demand. They wanted to grow, but couldn’t rely on their software, as it wouldn’t support them.

The company realized a new IT setup was necessary to make the business more competitive and open up new opportunities.

The solution:

After evaluating several POS solutions that offered functionality designed for optical stores, GrandOptical selected the LS Retail software solution. This was deemed to be the best option due to its business functionality, and the possibility to connect it to the Microsoft Dynamic ERP.

Both the ERP and the POS now run entirely in the cloud, with store servers so the stores can stay operational and print receipts in case of a network outage. “It was an easy decision for us to also move the POS servers on the cloud,” a representative from GrandOptical told us.

Implementation was completed within 12 months. The company decided to tailor the solution to their specialized industry needs by redesigning the master data, implementing a new supply chain module and adding an optical module. The implementation was managed by Real Consulting S.A., a long standing LS Retail partner in Greece. GrandOptical stated, “considering all this, plus the usual problems every retail company confronts when changing a POS, this project was a big success in terms of timeline.“


Having a unified commerce system (a single software solution that unites ERP, retail sales, POS, inventory, vendors, etc.) has simplified daily tasks considerably at GrandOptical.

The most important benefit for the company is having a modern, adaptable software solution that can help them stay competitive in a changing industry. “The main positive changes for us is that now we have a new system that we can invest on,” a representative from GrandOptical told us. “Now finally we can move our business further.”


LS Retail is a solution that we trust to deliver a full omni-channel customer experience.


LS Retail implementation partner

Real Consulting S.A.

For over 15 years, Real Consulting has delivered improved operational efficiency through technology driven, innovative solutions and excellent client service. The company is committed to innovation and specializes in cutting-edge technologies such real-time business, ΙοΤ and omni-channel.

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