A restaurant POS built for speed

Faster orders and service with LS First for restaurants


Restaurant Point of Sale

Empower your front-of-house staff with Point of Sale (POS) terminals that give them the information they need, fast. Take orders quickly and precisely, check nutritional and allergen content, and send orders to the kitchen, no time wasted.


Speed up order-taking with conversational ordering

Ensure fast, effective service to your customers. With LS First you can:

  • Configure the POS so it mirrors your menus, to take orders faster and more accurately.
  • Color-code courses or sections at the POS, making both staff training and order-taking quicker.
  • Take orders directly at the table on a mobile device – ideal for fast casual restaurants.
  • Send orders straight to the kitchen display system from the POS.

Access correct, current information

Access up-to-date information on dishes, prices, and availability wherever you are – at the POS, in the kitchen, or in the back office. LS First is a unified system, and all data is stored in a central place.

  • Create menus and recipes centrally, and send them - alongside nutritional and allergen information – to all touchpoints.
  • Need to change a price? Edit the information once, the system automatically updates across the enterprise.
  • Your staff and guests can view current menu and dish information on the digital menus in your restaurants, on the self-ordering devices, online.
  • Out of fish of the day? Stock is automatically updated across the system, and on all the POS, so you can see what’s unavailable with no delay.

Offer safe and contactless payments

Offer secure payments in your restaurants, at the drive thru, at the curbside, on the self-service machines.

  • Support for contactless and chip & pin payments.
  • Comprehensive tendering options – cash, card, EBT, FSA, gift card, or a combination of these.
  • Bill splitting, check management and gratuity management.
  • Cash management tools to make cash flow processes more reliable and efficient.
  • Loss prevention modules to control potential loss of funds.

Efficiency at the drive-thru and curbside

The LS First POS is designed to support your staff at the drive-thru, so orders are taken and delivered fast and precisely.

  • The order summary screen at the POS helps staff take orders fast and accurately.
  • Pick-up and drive-thru orders are marked differently on the kitchen display system.
  • Configure the POS to mirror your menu and simplify your drive-thru expeditor staff’s job.
  • Easily identify guests and deliver optimal, rapid service.

Improve dine-in service with table management

Do you run a fast-casual restaurant with table service? See a floor plan of your restaurant and improve the flow in your front of house with table management functionality.

  • Set up and modify your restaurant floor’s layout in the system.
  • Create different layouts for lunch service and dinner service in just a few clicks.
  • Change the table setup centrally for some or all of your locations.
  • Redesign your floor plan for social distancing or special events, even mid-shift.
  • Safely accommodate last-minute reservations and special requests.
  • Track guests across the seating plan, for example if guests move from the bar to a table.

Boost your restaurant services
with LS First

i-LS First for restaurants - Mobility

Run the POS on tablets and mobile devices, and take orders and payments curbside or anywhere outdoors.

i-LS First for restaurants - self-ordering

Offer self-ordering options on your favorite hardware – tablets on the tables, kiosks, or the customer’s own device.

i-LS First for restaurants - offline functionality
Offline POS functionality

Keep on selling even if you lose connectivity. The POS work in offline mode, storing your transactions until you are back online.

i-LS First for restaurants - effective upselling
Effective upselling

Use the conversational selling mode to promote deals and offers and suggest items that increase both check size and guest satisfaction.

i-LS First for restaurants - ingredients and allergens
Ingredients and allergens

Check detailed information about all of your dishes, including ingredients and allergens, at the POS and on self-service devices.

i-LS First for restaurants - faster table turns
Faster table turns

Increase your efficiency by as much as 40% by setting up the LS First POS so it mirrors your menu, and speed up table turns. 


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Stop frustrating your diners and your staff. It’s time to replace your obsolete, slow tech

Stop frustrating your diners and your staff. It’s time to replace your obsolete, slow tech

Discover the key functionalities of the ideal restaurant POS system, and make sure you select a software that is up to the task.

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