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Conti’s is the brainchild of three sisters who transformed a handful of prized recipes, talent and hard work into a popular hospitality chain with over 850 employees.
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On top of the restaurant operations, Conti’s has its own production facility to cater to the stores’ demands.

Business case

As the business grew rapidly, Conti’s realized they needed to update their management system. Conti’s inventory was growing exponentially, and it was getting hard to monitor and control. The company needed a system that could establish an accurate BOM and inventory. The company also needed a software solution that could cover the whole company’s operations, providing it with end-to-end process from POS to financials, and from retail to manufacturing. As Conti’s was maintaining separate companies under its umbrella, the system would also need to help consolidate data throughout all branches and separate companies. The company needed to sync up vital business data: the system would need to be integrated front to back, in order to provide them with timely sales reports, inventory and financial data.


Conti’s consulted its preferred LS Retail partner, Retail Associates. Together, they decided to upgrade the company’s system to the latest version of the LS Retail software solution.


  • Total inventory management - Since implementing LS Retail software, Conti’s can control and maintain inventory optimally. The company is now able to find the perfect timing for ordering and stocking.
  • Central control - Today, the management at Conti’s can generate daily, weekly and monthly consolidated sales with the click of a button. What is more, management can easily visualize the performance of each branch and evaluate store stock assortment, sales and profitability.
  • Localized features - Retail Associates maximized the potential of the LS Retail software solution by implementing the system with localized requirement capabilities. Today Conti’s can easily offer discounts to senior citizens and people with disabilities.
  • Increased productivity - Today Conti‘s can manage its whole business, from head office to branches to the production facility, in one, powerful platform. By reducing the need to switch between applications, the LS Retail software solution helped Conti’s become a more productive business. Conti’s growth shows no sign of slowing down, and the company is confident that LS Retail software will support the organization as its needs expand.

We are now able to track inventory movements that are linked to the POS, perform just-in-time ordering with the meal planning module, reduce waste through inventory forecasting, and handle advance order reservations and payments for delivery and pickup transactions.

Mark Lavina, ERP Project Manager

LS Retail implementation partner

Retail Associates

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