Keep your kitchen production
in sync and running at full speed
with LS First for restaurants

Kitchen display system (KDS)

Serve more customers, faster, with less stress and running around. Keep your orders and preparations under control, and guarantee clear communication with the front of house, with LS First’s kitchen management system.


Kitchen displays or printers

Orders are sent automatically from the POS to the appropriate stations in the kitchen, so they can be prepared straight away.

  • Choose whether you’d rather display the orders on a screen, or print them.
  • Set as many printers or screens as you want: just one, several, one per station.
  • Screens are more expensive, but they eliminate the risk of tickets getting lost, and can help improve the workflow.

Accurate, fast service

The KDS guarantees that all orders are produced in the right order and with no mistakes.

  • Orders are displayed based on production time, to simplify and speed up work.
  • Special requests and changes are clearly highlighted.
  • Quick navigation between orders.
  • Bump to the next station, expedite and recall orders with a tap on the keyboard or touchscreen.
  • No need for servers to go back and forth to the kitchen: check order status on the POS, as it’s connected to the KDS.
  • Takeaway orders are clearly marked, so they are packed to go instead of being plated up.

Designed around your routines

Set up the screens in your kitchen so they fit your workflows.

  • Decide to which stations each type of food order should be routed.
  • Color-code orders to speed up your staff’s work.
  • Configure layouts, styles, colors and attributes of the station displays.
  • Set up notifications.
  • Decide how to showcase special requests, notes on allergies and other comments.

Manage all customizations at HQ, and distribute the changes instantly to all your locations.

Kitchen management made easy

i-ls central for retail-easy to use
Instant communication

If a guest decides they don’t want dessert after all, the POS will update the KDS straight away and flag the change.

i-LS Central for retail-ecommerce-open architecture
Optimized use of resources

If a station falls behind during a busy period, on the KDS you can move orders, reprioritize, or reroute orders to a different prep station.

i-LS First for restaurants - dishes served at top quality
Dishes served at top quality

The KDS ensures that all orders per table are synchronized, so meals come out at the same time, at the right temperature.

i-LS First for restaurants - Same info from all touchpoints
Same info from all touchpoints

Orders are sent from the POS, self-ordering tablets and kiosks directly to the kitchen – no need to manually enter information.

i-LS First for restaurants - Eat in take away burbside pickup
Eat-in, take-away, curbside, pick-up

Chefs can clearly see if an order is sit-in or to-go, and prepare it and serve it so that it reaches the customer in top shape.

i-LS First for restaurants - Support for catering
Support for catering

Extra functionality for restaurants with catering services, buffets, and salad bars that require pre-prepping of ingredients.


Technology that keeps the guest at the center

Cracker Barrel's employees can handle order inquiries faster and with more accuracy, increasing efficiency, and have more time to interact with guests in a natural way, enhancing the guest experience.

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