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Contactless service at the table, counter, curbside, to-go

Restaurant Point of Sale and self-ordering software

Order and pay on
mobile devices, kiosks, at the POS

A modern restaurant Point of Sale (POS) software must do more than register orders and take payments. The LS Central for restaurants POS connects front of house and kitchen, so servers can fire dishes straight to the kitchen displays, access the entire menu including ingredients, and check if an order is ready without having to walk to the kitchen.

Manage tables and check that every guest is served timely. Reserve tables, move checks, split bills, and make sure that the service is always punctual and top notch.

The LS Central for restaurants POS can run on multiple types of devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and even self-service stations like kiosks.


Run it on EPOS and mobile POS

The LS Central POS runs on your favorite computer, tablet, stationary POS hardware or mobile device.

  • Take orders and payments at the tableside.
  • Give guests menu information, including ingredients and allergens.
  • Easily modify the order: add extras, change the size of the dish, remove or swap ingredients.
  • Split bills, transfer bills from one table to another, and accept gratuity.
  • Accept contactless payments, cards, gift cards, cash and more in the same transaction.
  • Process secure, EMV- and PCI-compliant transactions with the LS Pay
  • Offer self-ordering on tablets and at kiosks

Select the combination of devices that best fits your restaurants’ flow and atmosphere. You can run LS Central on:

  • Traditional Point of Sale terminals at the counter.
  • Mobile devices, which your employees can use at the tableside, outdoors or at the curbside.
  • Self-ordering devices (for example, tablets on the tables).
  • Self-ordering kiosks.

Get a direct connection with the kitchen

Say goodbye to lost tickets and to needless back and forth to the kitchen. The Point of Sale and the kitchen display system (KDS) have a two-way communication.

  • The POS sends orders straight to the kitchen.
  • Orders are automatically routed to the correct KDS screens or printers.
  • See the prep status of dishes from the POS, and let guests know if there’s a delay.
  • See on the POS when a dish is ready, and take the order to the table while it’s still piping hot.

Graphical table and floor plan management

Serve all your guests timely and maximize your restaurant seating with the graphical table and floor plan view.

  • Design your dining area layouts using drag-and-drop
  • Need to seat a large party, or redesign your plan for social distancing? Easily move, join, or separate tables.
  • Set up different layouts for different times of the day, or occasions – for example, for breakfast, lunch, and weddings.
  • Quickly see free tables, seat guests and take orders.
  • Filter tables per status, and see if guests have been served.
  • Follow your guests and transfer items to a different table or seat.

Manage table reservations

Take bookings, optimize your seating plan and manage waiting lists within your POS and restaurant management system. LS Central includes a powerful add-on to manage bookings and reservations called LS Activity.

  • Book appointments online, on the phone and at the POS.
  • Allocate reservations automatically or manually.
  • Add notes to reservations, for example to mark allergies, preferences (such as window table) or whether it’s a special occasion.
  • Set time slots for reservations: you may have four shorter slots for lunch, and three longer booking slots for weekend brunch. 
  • Add reservations to a waiting list. The system checks it automatically in case of cancellations.
  • Take bookings for all the restaurants in your chain at the same POS.

Deliver service and engagement in your restaurant and food service business

Fast staff training

Spend less time training staff thanks to the highly intuitive graphical interface and familiar Microsoft environment.

Role-based view

Fast service, lower risk of fraud: employees only see the options they need based on their user roles and permissions.

Integrated loyalty

Give offers and discounts, and allow guests to collect points when placing orders with your servers or on the self-service POS.

Transfer orders and bills

Easily unite and split tables, and transfer one or more orders from the bar to a table or across tables.


Offline POS

The POS devices can work in online and offline mode, so you can always serve guests, even if the internet is temporarily down.


Transparency on allergens

Search for dishes that do, or don’t, contain certain allergens to help customers select the best items to order.


You have questions, we have answers

Choosing the right POS system or restaurant software solution can be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help and assist you in answering your questions. Just contact us!

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AL Fresco Vietnam

LS Central for restaurants is an international solution, experienced, tested and proved by thousands of restaurants in the world. We can now serve our guests from web and mobile to restaurant.

—  Danny Christ, Al Fresco's Vietnam

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