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From border stores, to airport shops and restaurants, to ferries and in-flight sales, travel retail is one of the fastest growing segments of retail worldwide. More and more people travel internationally every year, and while traveling they shop and dine, creating a travel economy that is worth more than $1 trillion.

The opportunities in this sector are great, both for travel retail in general and duty free stores in specific; but this is no easy business. Travel retailers need to ensure fast and accurate service, as travelers are often in a rush. Restaurants catering for travelers need to produce high-quality dishes fast and accurately.
Inventory is also particularly complex: the products have to be in-store when customers demand them – there is no “come later”, or “we’ll get it next week”.

The management of duty free stores brings even more complications. Every country has different customs regulations, tax regimes and legislation on specific products, such as alcohol and tobacco. Duty free stores need to be able to sell fast and efficiently while correctly managing varying item allowances, taxation, and security tamper-evident bags (STEB) handling, according to their customers’ nationality and travel route.


Is your current management system powerful enough to support your business growth?


Simple. Fast. Fun. 
That’s travel retail 
with our software solutions.

Give travelers the best and fastest service at your duty free store. Manage complex tax, price and product allowance regimes simply and quickly. Get a complete overview of your inventory so that running out of stock will be a thing of the past. Let your customers order online or on the mobile and pick up in store or at the gate, at their convenience.

You can do all this and more with our integrated software solutions for duty free stores. One single powerful platform to manage your travel retail business from front to back-office.

Boost your sales and revenue while enhancing your operational efficiency. 

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Specific duty free functions

Our solution includes all the key functions a duty free store needs. Capture boarding card and passport data by scanner or manually. Based on flight information and nationality setup, the system will pick up the rules for:

  • Tax free, tax refunds, final prices and discounts
  • Product allowances and limitations, by quantity or amount
  • Security tamper-evident bags

The system also handles multi-leg boarding cards for in-transit passengers. In this case, rules can be set basing on final destination instead of next-leg destination.

Faster and better service

Gain happy and returning customers by offering fast and to-the-point service, whether you manage a store or a restaurant. Use our system to give your customers:

  • Faster speed of service
  • Product suggestions with the cross-selling tools
  • Detailed product and dishes information, as POS are connected to the item master
  • Offers and promotions
  • Payments, balance and price checks in different currencies.

You can also create different rules for different stores, setting fast keys for frequently used destinations and setting up warning triggers (for example, if a security tamper-evident bag (STEB) is needed or if a customer is exceeding their item limits) to minimize the possibility of human error.



Total control of your business

Our complete solution gives you total visibility and control over your whole operation. The system features:

  • Staff management tools
  • Stock management modules, to optimize inventory
  • Advanced reporting, so you can plan your business’s future based on real data
  • Warehouse modules granting precise workflow
  • A scalable architecture: the solution will grow with your business.

Tools for restaurant managers

Our easy-to-use system contains all the tools you need to manage your food service establishment, whether it is a restaurant, café or takeaway eatery. Our system’s tools will help you:

  • Cut costs and waste by ordering the right amount of ingredients
  • Deliver dishes fast, as orders are sent straight from the POS to the kitchen monitors
  • Manage table bookings and service
  • Modify sales items easily and fast by adding or excluding ingredients at POS
  • Manage tips, complex payments and split bills in multiple currencies
  • Take orders and payments at the table with the mobile POS

What can our software solutions do for your duty free store or restaurant?

i-travel retail-Handle security tamper-evident bags effectively
Handle security tamper-evident bags effectively

Manage different bag sizes for different products. The system can display a warning at POS when the bag is needed, based on setup.

i-travel retail-Manage offers and promotions
Manage offers and promotions

From deals, to mix & match and more, set specific offers for all your outlets, for specific stores or for definite customer groups.

i-travel retail-Accept different currencies
Accept different currencies

Let your customers choose which currency they want to pay in. Prices are automatically calculated based on central bank exchange rates.

i-travel retail-Set product limitations
Set product limitations

Set limits for products based on item quantity, route travelled, country or more. The system will give warnings and errors if limits are reached or exceeded.

i-travel retail-Give your customers flexibility to shop
Give your customers flexibility to shop

From Click & Collect to Shop & Collect at return, offer travelers the joy of shopping without the hassle of taking the purchases along while on holiday.

i-pet stores-Increase your margins
Boost your sales and revenue

Serve customers faster and more effectively with our easy-to-use system. Use the mobile POS to offer great service and increase the number of happy, returning customers.

Your travel retail business will thrive with LS Retail

travel retail
Automated calculation of tax and tax refund

The system automatically calculates tax, tax refund and reverse tax discount based on boarding card and/or passport information.

Duty free and duty paid at the same location

The system can be used in both duty free and duty paid at the same location. Prices and total are automatically calculated based on boarding pass and passport data and destination.

Mobile and e-commerce integration

With Click & Collect on your e-commerce site and mobile app, your customers can order online and pick up at arrival or departure. Customers using your mobile loyalty app can also order from their mobile and pick up their purchases at the gate.

Loyalty members management

Track customer purchases and send your loyalty club members targeted marketing and offers directly on their mobile with the powerful member management tools.

Sales commission calculation

The system can automatically calculate your staff’s sales commissions based on different variables, including items sold, store, date and time of sales, staff member or customer buying.

Effective inventory management

Keep stock at optimal levels, cut your costs and make sure you always stock the products your customers are looking for.


Scandlines – Ferry and Travel Shop

What also convinced me was the many add-ons that the solution has, right out of the box, including an app with a webshop and loyalty programme as well as Member Management.

—  Mikael Kragh, Scandlines

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