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InMotion Entertainment

With its stores located in airports, InMotion delivers premium portable entertainment to the travelers market.


InMotion needed a single system that could manage multiple business functions and connect both the rental and retail sides of its business. This was necessary because Altitunes, the company they merged with, had a disparate software setup that did not align with InMotion's IT infrastructure. The lack of integration between systems created challenges for both the rental and retail segments of the business. Additionally, the challenges of operating in airports, such as expensive overhead and limited real estate, added to the complexity of managing inventory and meeting demand. As a result, the accounting department was burdened with the increased volume and frequency of purchase orders. “We had three full-time temps in here doing manual data entry, in addition to the accounting staff,” says Ghelerter.

With limited room and products constantly moving in and out, InMotion could not build sales history on its merchandise. Inventory became volatile and difficult to manage. “The biggest issue,” recalls Ghelerter, “was keeping the stores replenished and balancing inventory to stay within budget. It had to be the right product at the right time.” InMotion needed a solution that could predict the shelf life of incoming products and help lessen the load of manual processes.


After carefully reviewing multiple retail systems, InMotion decided to deploy Microsoft Dynamics as their new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and LS Retail software as the new front-end solution. With the LS Retail software they could track transactions and rentals in each store location at the point of sale. The system then sends the information to the ERP, which provides the visibility necessary to track rental inventory in real time.

To further enhance their operations, InMotion implemented an electronic data interchange (EDI) add-on that allowed for the electronic exchange of invoices, purchase orders, and return orders with their suppliers and vendors. 

Within a span of just six months, InMotion successfully migrated customer information and financial data from Altitunes to the unified LS Retail + Microsoft Dynamics solution, effectively merging the databases of the two stores. The successful implementation of the new system considerably improved operations and enhanced overall efficiency.

Benefits of using LS Retail software:

1. Real-time inventory insight:

LS Retail software provides real-time access to store inventory, ensuring a competitive edge for InMotion.

2. Streamlined operations:

Automation of manual processes, such as purchase orders and cash reconciliation, reduces workload and saves time, enhancing efficiency.

3. Efficient supplier relationships:

Integration of LS Retail software with Microsoft Dynamics streamlines transactions with suppliers, promoting long-term business relationships.

4. Real-time Business Intelligence:

Immediate access to real-time sales information enables quick decision-making and prevents inventory backups and holding costs.

5. Efficient maintenance and updates:

Centralized instance of LS Retail & Microsoft Dynamics simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance, minimizing IT staff burden and costs.

6. Enhanced Platform for Growth:

LS Retail software and Microsoft Dynamics provide a flexible foundation, enabling InMotion to adapt and grow as the market expands and business needs evolve.

InMotion Entertainment

With LS Retail software, InMotion can see their sales in progress. The store personnel ringing up sales are in the same database as the person at headquarters doing the purchasing— everything is updated instantly. This gives decision makers at headquarters up-to-date sales information that they can view throughout the day and enables the company to make quick decisions in a fast-paced business environment.

Allan Ghelerter, VP of Information Technology
InMotion Entertainment

LS Retail and Microsoft Dynamics gives us the ability to say "yes" when we question whether we can perform certain functions. It considerably simplified our daily operations and gave us a much better overview of the whole business performance.

Allan Ghelerter, VP of Information Technology
InMotion Entertainment

We needed to find a highly customizable base system that could grow with us. Other solutions were too limiting or just for retail and did not fulfill the rental side of our business.

Allan Ghelerter, VP of Information Technology