Microsoft Dynamics RMS was phased out in 2016.
Don't become obsolete!

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Upgrade from Microsoft RMS to LS One and unlock your full potential

Import your data from RMS to LS One, and you are ready to start selling. LS One is a complete POS and back office software for retail and hospitality businesses, which enhances your customer service while giving you core administrative functionalities.

...and now even at a special price!

All the functionalities you used in Microsoft Dynamics RMS, and many more:




LS One


Back office

Management of items through variants ✔ ✔
Inventory management, including purchase orders and transfers ✔ ✔
Multiple languages, taxation regimes and currencies ✔ ✔
Loyalty program and gift card management   ✔
Advanced offers and promotions   ✔
Extensive pricing configuration   ✔

& 3rd party

Support for multi-store environment ✔ ✔
Based on Microsoft standard technology ✔ ✔
Ability to create extensions and add-ons ✔ ✔
Integration to e-commerce platforms   ✔
Tools to handle customer orders from alternative locations   ✔
Scalable architecture built for growth   ✔
On-premises or cloud-based   ✔

In store

Safe credit card payments ✔ ✔
Easy-to-change POS look and feel ✔ ✔
For retail and hospitality businesses   ✔
Permission-controlled user setup   ✔

Everything you need in one solution

Designed for hospitality and retail businesses

From the POS to the back office, LS One is full of both retail- and hospitality-specific features. Whether you manage a café, a startup, a department store or a chain of restaurants, with LS One you can always have your business under control.

Easy integration with your accounting system

LS One can be connected to any finance or ERP system through its intelligent integration architecture. Data will seamlessly flow from the accounting software to the POS system and back. LS One has been successfully integrated with solutions such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.

Simple e-commerce integration

Sell across the channels: LS One easily integrates with any e-commerce platform. All e-commerce transactions will be processed by LS One at your physical store, ensuring greater accuracy and decreasing the risk of unaligned data.

On-premises or cloud-based

Are you looking for a light, inexpensive, and easy-to-use POS system? Do you need a complete POS system with powerful functionalities? LS One is available both on premises and as a cloud solution, to fit your needs — whether you are a startup, a small café, or a chain of retail stores or restaurants.

Built for growth

LS One supports a single- and multi-store environment. The flexible architecture enables you to add new terminals and stores to your set-up easily and fast — for example during peak times, or as your business expands.

Reporting tools

Find out your best selling items, busiest times of the day, sales per hour/staff/customer and more with LS One’s rich suite of reports. Discover your strong points and plan your business strategy.

You have questions, we have answers

Choosing the right POS software for your business can be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help. Just contact us and we will answer all your questions.

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