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Real Club Celta de Vigo

Sports club Real Club Celta de Vigo was born in 1923 from the union of the two main soccer teams of the city. The Club is based in Vigo, in the northern Spanish coast, where it owns an all-seater stadium with a 29,000 people capacity and is backed by a large group of supporters. In 1992, the Club became a public limited sports company. The team currently plays in the Spanish League. The Club manages not only the football team but also a number of retail activities. Aside from tickets for matches, sold both in tickets windows and online, the Club sells sports materials, soccer equipment and branded merchandise. The products are sold through different channels: the Club operates an official store and an online shop, and also sells its merchandise through 3rd party retailers.

Looking for a suitable system for a professional Club

Few years ago, the organization initiated a professionalization process to close a complicated period regarding its financial situation. Nowadays Celta de Vigo is involved in a growth and solvency plan. As part of the new plan, the Club needed to implement a comprehensive information and management system. At the time, each department used different systems to manage their daily tasks. For instance, there was one platform for attending to supporters and another one to assist stockholders. Independent applications were being used for other ambits, such as the retail business. The coexistence of different solutions caused different problems for Celta de Vigo. Data was often duplicated needlessly, and the staff wasted time putting together and understanding all the different numbers. The Club realized they needed to find a modern and complete ERP software that could help them manage the whole operation, end to end. The Club started looking for a system that would grant them:

  • secure data access
  • fast and easy implementation
  • modules installation in different phases.

An easy choice: LS Retail software

The LS Retail software solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics, was deemed the most suitable solution to cover the Club’s business needs, while also giving them space to grow. In one software platform, LS Retail software presents all the functions the Club needed to develop its retail business, including tools supporting the club's omni-channel strategy. The system also guarantees seamless integration with both the financial management (accounting, budget, investments…) and management of supporters' and clients' information. The system also eases the management of the store, including purchases and inventory. LS Retail software's automations guarantee that the Club is always working with accurate and up-to-date information. The Club chose local LS Retail partner Prodware to manage the implementation. Prodware was chosen for its cost-effectiveness, expertise and proven track record in the sport industry, as they had already implemented various solutions for professional sport entities.

Winning on the field and in retail

Since implementing the LS Retail software solution, the Club has gained better control over its diverse business areas. The LS Retail software solution offers a complete management tool that facilitates decision-making and simplifies work, enabling the company to maximize both materials and human resources. LS Retail software has provided the company with greater versatility, as all the tools management needs are now centralized in one platform. Easy and immediate data access has in turn enhanced productivity, improved interdepartmental communication and made the business more agile. With the LS Retail software solution, the company can easily coordinate all its sales channels, whether traditional or digital, through the POS. The Club has also strengthened the online store, and product distribution to third party retail establishments has improved. Thanks to the LS Retail software solution, Celta de Vigo can now sell more and analyze its success quickly and easily.