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Belgian DIY store illustrates the advantages of LS Retail software

Safti is a family-run “Do-it-Yourself” store located in East Flanders, Belgium. The company, founded in 1977, now runs a 10.000 square meter retail space and employs 35 staff members. With more than 50,000 products in stock, Safti is the largest DIY store in its region.

A powerful software solution to support a successful business

In 2013, Safti decided that a new, more efficient IT system was needed to manage the growing sales, and give their many customers even better service. After looking at different possibilities, Safti chose LS Retail software as its new software solution. The implementation process was overseen and facilitated by TCOG, an LS Retail partner and Microsoft Gold partner operating in Benelux.

Higher revenue and happier customers with LS Retail software

Since implementing the LS Retail software solution, Safti has experienced great improvements in many areas of the business. The benefits to the company include:

  • Faster and more efficient checkouts;
  • Shorter staff training times, thanks to the intuitive graphic interface;
  • Reduced shrinkage, as shoplifting has decreased;
  • Better customer service, as sales are now scanned onto the customers’ loyalty cards, making returns easier and faster.

The changes brought by the LS Retail software solution have translated into more revenue for the store. The system saves employees' time, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best – give their customers great service. In the future, Safti plans on using more of the features that LS Retail software offers to increase its sales even further. The first step will be to build an online store, so that Safti's customers will have the opportunity to shop for the company's products 24/7 in the omni-channel. For Safti, powered by the LS Retail software solution, the future is rich with possibility.

LS Retail implementation partner


TCOG is a Microsoft GOLD partner. They guide you through the automation of various business processes: going from inventory management, warehouse management, purchase and sales, retail, to financial management, CRM and human resources management. With their industry know-how and no-nonsense approach, they can properly analyze the situation and recommend the most appropriate solution.

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