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J. Astaphans

Astaphans aspires to be the leading supermarket on the island, with quality goods and services at unbeatable prices.  

Business Case 

Before implementing LS Retail software, J. Astaphans had been using the same legacy system for more than 25 years. Although this software was used to run most arms of the business, the application was not designed to grow, which became a problem when the company’s operational processes changed over time. The company realized they needed to move to a more customer-centric operation. They decided to take an in-depth look at their core business to determine what software solution they would need to support their ambitions.  

The solution 

The company selected LS Central, an all-in-one retail software that extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, as their new management system. One of the main factors that spurred the adoption of LS Central was the growing evidence that the company was not making use of the proper tools and missing out on vital data. 

Local LS Retail certified partner Davyn took care of the implementation and made sure the transition to the new system was successful.

Currently running the system on-premises, the company may shift towards the hybrid deployment option. With a hybrid model, one can host the system in the Dynamics 365 cloud while also running standalone store servers, which ensures that the business won’t be affected by sudden losses of connectivity. “LS Retail gives us that flexibility and by extension, peace of mind, as past natural disasters indicate that the restoration of essential services is not immediate” says Viktor V. Hunte, Group IT Manager, J. Astaphans.  


With LS Central J. Astaphans can now: 

  • Handle and trace cross-store transactions easily 
  • Capture detailed customer information 
  • Monitor fast-moving items 
  • Track periods with high transaction volumes  

With increased control over the business and consistent data, J. Astaphans improved their decision making. The company can now offer their customers an enhanced shopping experience.

“We understand the importance of implementing the right technology, in the right place, at the right time for ourselves, our customers, and the wider Dominican community” says Viktor V. Hunte, Group IT Manager, J. Astaphans. “Tailored shopping experiences are invaluable, and we are working on providing customers supercharged customer experiences from the comfort of their home.”  

The company has several services earmarked for future rollout, including contactless delivery, AI and integrated eCommerce. J. Astaphans is confident that Davyn and LS Retail will continue to help them futureproof their business. 

J. Astaphans

I am really impressed with the quality and the possibilities for growth provided to us. Despite this ever-changing environment, meeting and surpassing customer expectations remain the priority in our business. With LS Retail technology it’s easy to anticipate needs and deliver.

Viktor V. Hunte, Group IT Manager

LS Retail implementation partner


Davyn is a gold-certified and award-winning Microsoft Partner with twenty+ years of experience providing operational business solutions to organizations in the English-speaking Caribbean.

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