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Founded in 2007, Vascara has quickly become a familiar brand name in Vietnam, and is now recognized throughout the country as a trusted name selling the finest and most fashionable women’s shoes, bags and accessories. Vascara has rapidly expanded and now runs more than 56 stores and outlets nationwide, focusing in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi, as well as in Cambodia. Beside seasonal product catalogs, Vascara sells product lines aimed at different ages and styles, such as Vascara Bridal and Vascara Junior. Fashion accessories vary seasonally to match hot trends and customer tastes.

A new system for a growing company

The fashion market is blooming in Vietnam, and Vascara has had plans to become a nationwide chain since 2013. However, the system Vascara was using at the time was impeding the company’s growth. Vascara realized they needed a new management system which would guarantee better performance, and support the expansion. Vascara required a new, integrated information system with powerful retail functions, that would enable the company to:

  • Quickly set up new stores and expand the chain

  • Easily launch the new seasonal catalog with various promotion and marketing programs

  • Monitor product inventory with variance of sizes and colors

  • Integrate with back office to have management reports in real time.

LS Retail software: integrated, end to end

When they came across LS Retail software, an end-to-end software with flexible and powerful management tools for retail, Vascara knew this was the right system for their needs. The solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP, is familiar to users, and integrated to other applications used in the organization.

A 360° view of retail operations

Upon successfully launching the new system, business management will be significantly improved. The leadership across the business will have a 360 degree view of retail operations, which will enable them to take immediate business decisions that benefit the organization. Vascara will be able to view all transactions and information in a simplified and timely manner. In specific, the LS Retail software solution will provide a much sharper focus for sales, enable support for accurate supply chain logistics, provide a transparent overview of financials from orders to invoices, enable integration with other stores, showrooms system and agents all over the country. Vascara is looking forward to discovering all the ways the LS Retail software solution will positively impact the business, and support further growth of the chain.


We wanted to have total control over the information flows inside and outside the company, in order to offer high standard customer services and optimize our resources. Vascara had been looking at many solutions from different partners to realize this goal. The LS Retail software solution, provided by NaviWorld Vietnam, has marvelously met the management requirements and the specific needs of the company.

Ms. Pham Bao Minh, CEO

LS Retail implementation partner

NaviWorld Vietnam Ltd.

NaviWorld Vietnam is a leading solutions provider of end-to-end integrated and adaptable business management applications for mid-sized companies in Vietnam, South East Asia and Middle East.

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