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Unified Point of Sale software built on the Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

Manage your business processes better with a
unified system and real-time information

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Why an ERP system

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP is a software solution that manage various business processes like accounting, inventory, human resources, and customer relationship management. In particular, it can help you with these tasks:
Financials and budgeting

Financials and budgeting

Simplify and speed up financial closing and reporting with integrated accounts receivables and payables.

Track your costs, revenue, and profit with general ledger (GL) and account schedules reporting.  


Sales and marketing

Manage the sales process, from opportunity and lead management to creating sales quotes and invoices, within the Microsoft suite. Maintain a clear and connected overview of agreements, customers, and service operations.


Supply chain and warehouses

Maximize profitability across purchasing, manufacturing, and warehouse management. Engage with suppliers cost effectively, optimize your storage facilities and picking process, manage bills of materials and produce within your supply and capacity constraints. 


System admin

Manage permissions, and let users access only specific information and operations. Assign roles, so each employee can easily access the functionality that matters to their job. Customize the interface to fit your business processes, and extend the solution with apps.

why LS Retail software

LS Central + Business Central ERP = a unified solution to manage your business from A to Z

LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central work as a single software, offering you a hassle-free experience. Say goodbye to manual clicks and data entry. Now, all your information is effortlessly synchronized between POS and ERP systems. From sales to returns, changes to prices or quantities, it's all recorded instantly in the General Ledger and automatically updated across all points of sale.

Easily add more functionality according to your business needs
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Easily add more functionality according to your business needs

Seamlessly work with the entire Microsoft 365 suite, including Office 365 and PowerApps, for a more efficient workflow. No more wasting time searching or moving information across different applications!

Customize and enhance your system with ease. Explore a wide range of certified add-ons available in the Microsoft AppSource marketplace, tailored to your industry or regional requirements.

Enjoy all the benefits of a cloud ERP for agile, international businesses
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Enjoy all the benefits of a cloud ERP for agile, international businesses

Business Central runs in the cloud. It is perfect for growing retailers, international chains, and dynamic enterprises seeking real-time access to critical data.

It also gives you instant access to information on your preferred Windows, Android, or iOS device.

Language barriers? Not anymore! Business Central supports 25 languages, making communication seamless.

Enjoy enhanced security with data encryption, ensuring your information is safe within the trusted Microsoft datacenter.

Customize user access to data effortlessly, so each team member only sees what matters for their role. 


What our customers say about
LS Retail software solutions

D-Luxe Farms

The Nav People has helped us get all our stores as well as online retail to the level it is today. Without LS Central, we would have to have double the staff we have today.

Michael Queen  CFO
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With LS Retail, we have not only a clear overview of the overall picture, but also deep insights into the smallest interrelationships, which enables us to continuously optimize our customer service.

Patrick G. Weber Managing Director
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We use the LS Retail software solution as the POS system in all of our stores. It has proven to be very secure operationally, and very easy to use. Checkout time is fast and customers feel safe, which is the ultimate goal.

Sveinn Víkingur Árnason Operation manager
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LS Central is ideal for:

Businesses with 10
to 250+ software users that want to expand rapidly
Chains that need separate deployments for each company/country
i-mixed business
Mixed businesses with elements of retail, hospitality and food service
i-POS functionality
Companies looking for POS + ERP software with industry-specific functionality

LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Centrally manage all your business operations without integration issues

Make data-driven decisions, improve collaboration, boost productivity, and make your retail or hospitality business run smoother.

LS Central extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a robust ERP hosted in the highly dependable and secure Microsoft cloud.

Eliminate legacy systems or complicated integrations. With LS Central you get all the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP with additional advanced functionalities for retail (like POS, loyalty, eCommerce and more) or for restaurants (like menu management, loyalty, Kitchen Display Systems, table management, and more) all in one unified software solution.



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Invest in the future of your retail business with the right POS and ERP solution

Invest in the future of your retail business with the right POS and ERP solution

Learn which factors you need to consider to select a POS and ERP solution that will support and propel your business for years.
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