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Ramlagans Hardware and Electrical

The company offers customers in Trinidad and Tobago everything they need to repair or upgrade their home's technology, from smart home appliances to wiring and more.

Business case

Before implementing LS Retail software, Ramlagan’s Hardware and Electrical Ltd was using custom-built software systems with separate databases to run the business. The solutions were disconnected, limiting the company’s speed and making inventory management extremely complex.

As the business expanded, it became evident to the company that they had outgrown their systems. On top of that, during the pandemic they noticed that customers wanted to engage with them via different channels. They realized that they needed to have the right software to deliver the shopping experience customers demanded.

Ramlagan’s Hardware and Electrical Ltd started looking for a solution that was simple-to-use, could reconcile all of their data, and could support their growth.


After investigating multiple solutions and technology providers, Ramlagan’s Hardware and Electrical Ltd selected LS Retail’s end-to-end POS and ERP software solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Radha Ramlagan, Director at Ramlagan’s Hardware and Electrical Ltd, stated: “The main functionality that convinced us that LS Retail software was the right system for us was the ability to manage multiple locations, to control inventory throughout multiple warehouses, and to track all types of sales such as cash and credit sales.”

Another significant factor in choosing LS Retail software was the potential future opportunities, which included integration to eCommerce.

LS Retail partner Davyn managed the deployment of the new system within agreed timelines. The biggest challenge the retailer and IT partner faced was around data cleansing, to prepare and transfer the data from previous systems to LS Central. However, the Davyn team rapidly overcame this obstacle.


The new system solved all the issues the company had experienced due to using separate systems. Soon after the implementation, Ramlagan’s Hardware and Electrical Ltd management and staff began experiencing the improvements brought by the new software solution, which include:

  • Real-time view of sales, inventory and in-store activities has given the company the necessary visibility to drive better business decisions.
  • A more user-friendly POS has made operations quicker. “The new system has allowed for a much smoother process in serving our customers from start to finish. This is one of the most important aspects for us being in an industry which is customer-oriented,” says Ramlagan.
  • Faster transactions have led to an improved in-store service, and higher customer satisfaction.
Ramlagan's Hardware and Electrical

We are glad to have chosen LS Retail software solution and work alongside our partner Davyn to implement. The new solution simplifies our inventory management operations, which also enables us to create immediate, on-the-fly promotions that offer additional benefits to our loyal clientele.

Radha Ramlagan, Director

LS Retail implementation partner


Davyn is a gold-certified and award-winning Microsoft Partner with twenty+ years of experience providing operational business solutions to organizations in the English-speaking Caribbean.

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