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Góði Hirðirinn

The company’s mission is to find the most efficient waste management solutions while maximizing environmental benefits.

Today, the company operates a reception and sorting station, six recycling stations, and a biogas and composting station. Sorpa also manages the second-hand store Góði Hirðirinn where customers can find pre-loved clothing, furniture, home decor, accessories, as well as toys at an affordable price. All proceeds from sales at Góði Hirðirinn go to charities.

Business case

In the past, the company used multiple systems to run their business, including an outdated version of Microsoft Dynamics AX to run their financials and a standalone POS system to manage their recycling centers and stores. Their ERP system had not been updated for many years and had become complex and expensive to operate. “We were running a custom-written integration between our ERP and POS solutions which caused issues when the connection between the solutions broke down,” says Sverrir Jonsson, Procurement and Project Manager at Sorpa.

The solution

Sorpa began searching for a modern, flexible retail system that could deliver all the functionality they needed in one single platform. The key was ensuring smooth communication between the POS and ERP systems and easy maintenance and upgrades.

Sorpa concluded that the only solution that could meet the requirements of their multifaceted business was LS Central, a complete all-in-one retail software that extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP.

Together with local LS Retail partner Advania, Sorpa worked on the implementation and customization of LS Central, so it would fully meet the company’s requirements. The implementation went smoothly thanks to  Advania’s expertise and guidance. “We had an excellent cooperation with Advania. What really stood out was the personal service we received,” says Jonsson, “We learned about the importance of identifying needs and training users on the new solution.”

Speaking about the reasons why the company decided to run LS Central as Software as a Service (SaaS), Jonsson told us: “It was crucial for us that we would always be running on the latest version. We did not want to fall back into technical debt, as we did with our previous solution.”


With LS Central running in the cloud, Sorpa gets real-time access to important business information across each of their departments, helping them make faster and more informed decisions. The company now enjoys:

  • A single solution to run their entire business – The company can manage their financials, POS, store operations, inventory, and customer loyalty in the same system. “Since we see precisely what is happening in real time, it is much easier to react and make changes in our operations whenever needed,” says Jonsson. 
  • An intuitive, easy-to-learn POS interface – New store employees can learn the software quickly and have an easier time doing their jobs. “The interface for employees at the POS is much more convenient than what we had,” says Jonsson, “We sped up the checkout process significantly.”
  • Easier and effective promotions management – Sorpa can now manage prices, offers and promotions centrally from the back office. The system takes care of updating information across all their touchpoints – including the POS.

Sorpa plans to continue to grow in their current markets and expand into new ones in the future. They will soon incorporate mobile inventory into their business to increase flexibility and enable employees to perform inventory tasks on the go.

Sorpa is confident that LS Central will empower them to handle their growing business needs effectively.

Godi Hirdirinn We believe running LS Central in the cloud gives us a competitive advantage: we know what is happening in the daily operation, in real time.
Sverrir Jonsson, Procurement and Project Manager
Godi Hirdirinn It is very important for us to always have access to the new functionalities that come with the continuous upgrades in the SaaS environment.
Sverrir Jonsson, Procurement and Project Manager

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