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Forest Lagoon

In 2014, a tunnel was being drilled through the nearby mountain which caused a massive leak of natural geothermal water. The warm water flowed unused to the sea for a few years until the municipality launched a call for projects, eventually leading to the creation of the Forest Lagoon.
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Today, the 1,300 square-meter property includes infinity pools with two swim-up bars, a cold tub, and a sauna, as well as a relaxation room and a bistro serving local cuisine. 

Business case

Guest experience is a primary differentiator for spa and wellness businesses where every touchpoint matters. The Forest Lagoon wanted to ensure customers would have a seamless journey throughout their entire interaction with the company.

To deliver that experience, the company knew they needed technology that would help them give customers the attention they deserve. The ideal system would be required to simplify day-to-day operations, as well as cover retail, hospitality, and activities. “We needed a software that would enable us to manage reservations for our baths and our restaurant in one single platform,” says Sigursteinn Ingvarsson, Chief Information Officer at the Forest Lagoon.

The solution

To achieve these goals, local LS Retail partner Tegra recommended LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. LS Central for hotels comes with a full range of functionality for hotels and resorts, covering retail, hospitality, activities, and member management in one platform. This means Forest Lagoon wouldn’t have to switch to other systems, managing instead bookings, entrances, retail sales and restaurant in one software.

“Knowing other businesses in the same industry that have been successful with LS Retail software solutions supported our decision,” says Ingvarsson. Tegra adapted the solution to the company’s business requirements and managed to go live on time for the grand opening of the Forest Lagoon.


With its new unified experience software, the Forest Lagoon can:  

  • Run everything from bookings to sales, to food service, to staff management on the same platform.
  • Quickly train new staff thanks to an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
  • Track key metrics in real time with powerful reporting and analyzing tools. – “You make the best decisions with good data,” says Ingvarsson. “In the future, we could even connect more systems with the booking system within LS Central to increase flexibility and profitability.”
  • Provide customers with the convenience they ask for. – Upon their arrival, guests are given a wristband they use to go through the gates, lock their changing room locker, enter the baths, and purchase refreshments anywhere in the spa area.

The company strongly believes in self-service and letting customers manage their own experiences. They will soon install wristband dispensing machines to facilitate even more check-in and check-out processes, and are also working on personalizing the guest experience with a range of activities and events.

The Forest Lagoon knows they have chosen the right technology, LS Central, and the right IT partner, Tegra, to provide a service that will keep customers coming back.

Forest Lagoon Our plan is to grow and open more businesses and we know we can do it successfully with LS Retail and our partner Tegra.
Sigursteinn Ingvarsson, CIO

LS Retail implementation partner

Tegra ehf.

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